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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Review: Kanebo Lavshuca Summer Gradually Compact 02

These palettes were limited edition this year, summer 08. While I've been very slow at reviewing them...I doubt you would care, since I'm honestly not impressed. It's divided into a 'day' (white) part, and a black (night) part. When you recieve it, the inserts are not put in yet; you can choose how to put it in.

Price: 450NTD at a discount store, which translates loosely to 14 USD. However, online stores will sell it for quite a bit more.

Texture: It has a smooth texture, however it's the slightest bit of gritty from the glitter in it. Therefore, expect a little fallout.

Finish: Shimmery! If you hate shimmer, stay away. Like most Japanese brands, this is shimmery!

Pigmentation: Sheer...I had expected better from Lavshuca honestly. Their other palettes' pigmentation are way better. Doesn't really show up or pop! I had to use MAC Mutiny pigment to save my look the day I used this.

Lasting Ability: This didn't crease on me or fade during the whole day, above Urban Decay Primer Potion.

This is where it all falls apart. The colors are so...light! So...disapointing. I'm already pretty pale (MAC NC20, yellow) and this doesn't do much. It's like a palette of highlighters.
Nevertheless... from left to right:
White side:
1. Light silver, shimmery. Nothing special..
2. Beautiful light seafoam green, I only wish it showed up more. Shimmery.
3. I'd say it was a silvery beige, something I bet MAC has duped. SUPER sheer! Shimmery.
Black side:
1. Darker light blue, which I think it a dupe for MAC mutiny. Shimmery.
2. Even darker blue, something that I would think was a washed up MAC Deep truth, maybe added with a little periwinkle color. Shimmery.
3. The only color without a shimmery finish, it's a satin flesh colored eyeshadow. Again, not really unique.

Review in 3 sentences:
It's a sheer glittery palette, that is Limited Edition. Honestly, the colors are not very unique, and I don't think the color combination of blues/ greens/silver/nude works well together. One of two palettes for Summer '08, and a huge disapointment.


  1. Thank you for this review! It's something I think about putting in my cart whenever I am shopping for some Japanese goodies, and you definitely helped make my decision: I am not going to get it! ;) It looks pretty but you're right - while I like sheer things, dupes are out there!

  2. Hi Melanie! No problem! I think the other palette was better, but there were no testers when I bought it. Glad it helped you!!


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