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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bobbi Brown Nautical Collection

The look
Wangen Sheer Lilac Sheer Color Cheek Tint, Pale Pink Blush Cheeks Sheer Lilac Sheer Tint Cheek Color, Pale Pink Blush
Lippen Marina Pink Sheer Color Lip Gloss Marina Pink Sheer Lip Color Lip Gloss
Augen Navy Eye Shadow, Graphite Shimmer Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, Black Perfectly Defined Mascara Navy Eyes Eye Shadow, Graphite Shimmer Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, Black Perfectly Defined Mascara


What Bobbi Says: "In summer I love soft, natural colors - they are easy to apply and look fantastic for every woman!" Bobbi Brown

"An incredibly silky texture, combined with a unique brush. Effortlessly reach even the smallest of lashes.Perfect definition of an intense look! "Bobbi Brown
Perfectly Defined Lashes Mascara gives the seductive momentum, length and volume. The individual hairs are perfect lashes separated and defined.
Through its unique texture holds mascara easily Perfectly Defined 24 hours and leaves at the end of the day easily with lukewarm water.

Available in Black color.

From June 2009 to all Bobbi Brown Studios.
Estimated retail price: 21 EUR/28USD

New Bobbi's Rouge, Cheek Color Sheer Tint, gives the cheeks a delicate hint of natural color. The transparent, lightweight texture is easy to apply and smooth and melts instantly with skin. The handy unscrewing the stylus fits into any handbag and is therefore virtually on the road.

Available in five colors:

♦ Sheer Raspberry
♦ Sheer Coral
♦ Sheer Mauve
♦ Sheer Pink
♦ Sheer Lilac

From June 2009 to all Bobbi Brown Studios available.
Estimated retail price: 24 EUR/32 USD

Bobbis new, more transparent Sheer Color Lip Gloss Lip emphasizes the natural and seductive at the same time. The expressive colors of the season through the delicate translucent texture absolutely wearable.

Available in four colors:

♦ Marina Pink
♦ Sailor
♦ Cabana Coral
♦ Popsicle

Available From June 2009 to all Bobbi Brown Studios available.
Estimated Retail Price: EUR20 / 27USD

Source (photos & text): Estée Lauder Companies GmbH / Bobbi Brown Division

Translated using Igoogle webpage translator.

This seems way too pricey in my opinion! Hmm. I probably will skip, though may check out the cheek stains at the counter!

Friday, March 27, 2009

EOTD: Practicing Winged Eyeliner

What I used:
Laura Mercier black caviar liner,
Mac dazzlelight, mac go

How is that?

Swatches: Taupe Eyeshadow

kmbirkiel on MUA caused quite the stir when she figured out that shu uemura ME850 and the fabled MAC French Gray are really similar!

In my opinion, French Grey looks...more taupey...not as warm I suppose, not to mention not as shimmery as ME850.

But you can judge yourself:

Shadows used:
MAC French Grey
Shu Uemura ME850
Shu Uemura IR850
MAC Smoke & Diamonds
MAC Sweet Sienna [pigment]

I think I need to get copperplate to compare them all too as well...

EOTD: MAC Goldmine

Hey readers! I'M BACK! Did you miss me? I had fun in Florida but now come back to snow! :X. Also I apparently won LotusPalace's Etude House contest, but I was out of town, without internet access and therefore had no idea! Sad...

Anyways, enjoy the look I cooked up for you!

What I used:
MAC Goldmine,
MAC Humid,
Shu ME450,
Imju Fiberwig

MAC Summer Collections

Source over at Specktra.net

Here's what you can look forward to in MAC 2009 news!

Rose Romance

    Nordstrom Exclusive Quad - A Rose is a Rose
    Solar White (frost)- Golden White
    Contrast (Velvet)- Dark Purple/Blue
    Seeds of Love (frost)- Frosted Peach
    Petal Worship (frost)- Light, blue-based Pink

Other collections we didn't know about:

Colour Craft

    This collection is all about mineralized products. Mineralized Blushes, Mineralized Eyeshadows, and 6 Mineralize Skinfinishes. One of the skinfinishes will be a repromote of Porcelain Pink
    The facecharts for these were fun and very very colorful. Lots of pastels

Euristocrats 2

    A collection of lipsticks. This time available in North America too!! This launches sometime in July.

Graphic Garden (Nordies Anniversary Collection)

    Featuring 6 eyeshadow palettes, Lip Bags, and a new thing called Look Boxes will include items like mascara, liner, eyeshadow etc in one neat little box.

Super cool! I think I'm going to be picking a few Euristocrats lipsticks up, and DEFINETLY the MSFS!!!

PLEASE NOTE: I will be on vacation for 1 1/2 weeks, will not have access to a computer. Don't worry, as soon as I'm back I will definetly start posting as soon as possible!

PSA: Becca Spring Sale!

Here's the new code for sales at the Becca website [beccacosmetics.com]:

SPRINGFLING09 gets you 25% off everything!
However, the palettes are conveniently out of stock...hmmm...

Expires 3/29/09.

Anything you're eying? Tell me!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NARS Summer!

Wow. Can I say HOT?

I'm pretty sure that this is Christine from Temptalia posting it on a different site, but here's the link: SOURCE. Also, Temptalia.com.

DEETS: [ from source. Everything from that source!]

NARS Summer 2009 Collection

Eyeshadow Duos

  • Scorching Sun Bright yellow sun-gold / Summery sun-orange


  • Outsider Rich coppery bronze-Falaba Subdued bronze


  • Tropic Shimmering water blue


  • Belize Milky pastel pink

Bronzing Powder

  • Irresistible Matte light-to-medium bronze

Lip Pencil

  • Tonga Nude pink-beige

Nail Polish

  • Adelita Peachy gold

WOW! MUCH better than their blah spring collection! I LOVE the Tropic eyeshadow, because I'm a sucker for anything teal. What are you looking at? Tell me!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

MAC All-Black Collection?

Picture and quotes from style.com beauty counter blog
"Well, they were trumped by Polly Osmond’s handiwork last night at Tuleh. Channeling the vampy elegance of thirties Paris, Osmond blanked out lips with a concealer and then dabbed on MAC’s Black Night lipstick, a new shade for Fall, but ever so slightly, leaving a mere remnant of the opaque pigment. If the subtle achromatism is still too morbid for your liking, Osmond recommends adding a touch of a berry on top of the gray (she had MAC’s Dark Side on hand last night)."

There is also a thread on Specktra.net about these rumors! Based on the responses to the thread, Black lipgloss would be very sought out for layering to make cool looks!

Some stuff Speckatrettes want to see released:
Tux-De-Lux (released in 01 with black tied and beautymarked eyeshadows, black lipgloss with sparkles) Official description: sheer black gloss with golden orange glitter
Reflects black glitter
Re-release of Graphisto paint Official Description: dark smoky grey with dark silver shimmer
Black based pigments [kind of like kohl powers in pigment form--black based but with obvious color]
Matte black nail polish

Some Black products used on the Vivienne Westwood fashion collex: [pics credited to Zantredge on Specktra, information to j_absinthe]

“The look is inspired by Pamela Anderson’s look in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The brows, the eyes, the lips, the cheekbones – we are making everything more intense with the makeup.” – Pep Gay

Smolder Eye Kohl – blended over the lids and the lower lash lines as a solid black base to sculpt the eyes.
Cinderfella Eye Shadow buffed over Smolder for a shimmer y black layer on the lids and lower lash lines.
Silver Fog Pigment – brushed along the inner corners of the eyes along the lash lines.
Bootblack Liquid Liner – placed along the top lash line.
Graphblack Technakohl Liner – drawn inside the water lines.
Zoom Fast black Lash Mascara – applied generously to lashes.
Eye Brows in shades matching brows – drawn along the tops of brows to create an angled sharp brow.

Select Cover-Up Concealer – used as foundation for a matte finish. Lighter shades were applied in areas to highlight while darker shades were used to contour cheekbones and temples.
Mid-Tone Sepia Cream Colour Base – used to sculpt under the cheekbones.
Pinch Me Powder Blush – blended into cheekbones to soften the contour.
Pink Swoon Powder Blush – blended onto the cheeks for a soft pink finish.

Cushy Cremestick Liner – lining the lips for a razor sharp outline.
M·A·C Pro Lip Erase in Dim –patted onto the lips to create a contrast with the liner.

Thoughts? All black collex--cool or goth? What do you want to see?

For me, if this is true, a black gloss may be in the cards [maybe if I had extra cash to blow!]. Or those black based pigments!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

EOTD: Chartreusey Greens

On Saturday, I decided to have some fun and do my makeup spring-like! Soo...I ended up with bright greens!

What I used:
shu IR900Y, [goldy color]
Shu P450 [grass green, outer crease]
Shu IR850 [Outer V only]
MAC chartreuse pigment [pretty much all over]
imju fiberwig
BB black gel liner on bottom waterline

Also on the lower lashline (from inner corner to outest):
IR900Y, Chartreuse, P450 and IR850

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Review: Bath & Body Works Liplicious Tasty Lip Gloss Raspberry Jam

This is probably my most used lipgloss to date. I mean, what does it not have going for it? It lasts for quite some time but isn't sticky--but it still makes your hair stick to it if caught on your lips--gorgeous color and amazing smell, and really cheap!

Best lipgloss ever.

Let's start with the price. Normally, it's 6$ for .47 fl oz (14 ml). Buut, during the summer and holiday sales, the Liplicious glosses are 3 for 15! I've had my tube for about 2 years and it's only half gone! Great value for the money! And if you don't like the color of Raspberry Jam, there are 7 other colors, ranging from medium pink, clear with golden shimmer to currant. Now, I've checked on their site, and Raspberry Jam isn't on there and the rest seem to be on clearance. I hope this doesn't mean that it's going to be discontinued as I remember there were aLOT of other colors!

[EDIT: OMG. I've found out that this color has been DC'ED EVER SINCE JULY! *cry* I need to go stock up now!!!!]

The formula on these is really nice! Raspberry Jam [and a few others like Dipped Strawberry] is nicely pigmented, thick without being overly tacky and doesn't so much taste as smell good. Compared with MAC, it's about as thick, pigmentation slightly sheerer and definetly not as sticky!

I also like that the packaging has a slant tip applicator --my preferred method of application--and that the cap has a stick that prevents excess gloss from leaking out. Yay for wastage preventation!

The color is an amazing pinked red with golden shimmer. It makes my look look finished without being overly so. It's the gloss that got me into reds!

All in all, I'm going out ASAP to hunt down some tubes of this! I shake my fist at you Bath and Body Works for discontinuing this amazing lipgloss.

This is totally guy approved. All the guys that have smelled it [loong story!] give it "two thumbs up!". As if you needed any more incentive to track one of these down!

Haul: Mail CG Trushine, CCO French Grey!!

Covergirl Fire Shine Trushine! Looks like a wearable red! For the swatch, left is 1 coat, right is 4 coats :] I had Nude Shine before, but it was too peachy brown for me and I ended up giving it away. But from pics, I already want 3 more Trushines!

And I scored a Trip5 Sultry Eyes palette! AND IT HAS FRENCH GREY IN IT! The price was 22.50$ but I paid about 24.83 with tax! SO worth it! Look!

Sun Cruise gloss
Freckletone l/s
Filament, French Grey and Carbon eyeshadows.
213SE brush

EOTD: I Love Clinique Egyptian

What I used:

MAC Go Starflash eyeshadow
Clinique Egyptian Creamshaper on lower lashline
MAC Magnetic Fields--crease
Imju Fiberwig mascara

:D I used the eyeliner technique that Melhadjis of Makeupalley told me about--stick the pencil liner in your eye and go back and forth--doesn't hurt and works GREAT! Thanks Mel!


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