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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swatches: Mish-mash of random items

Today's post is just a chance to pull out all those random swatches I've accumulated...so, here goes.

Shu uemura White Recovery EX+ Instand Spot Brightener: 45$

That's all for today :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Swatches: Jill Stuart Lipstick Part 2

[image from ichibankao.com]

Continuing from yesterday: Here are the rest of the lipsticks!

Swatches: Jill Stuart Lipstick Part 1

[image from ichibankao.com]

Today we are going to take a look at Jill Stuart lipsticks. These retail for 850NTD which is about 26USD, so pretty pricey! They are more sheer than full on pigment, which seems to be popular in Japanese lines, very shiny and come in 19 colors. Beware--these ARE scented with rosey floral and do not seem to dissipate. I would compare these to tinted lipbalms more than lipstick.

07-10 are pretty much clear on my arm. This is after several swipes--that's how pigmented these are, but those are sheer colors.
07 is a light nude, but of course you can't tell that on my arm...
08 is a light baby pink, but again hard to tell on my arm.
09 has more pigment and is a medium cool leaning pink.
10 is a very frosty light lilac lipstick. I can't see it looking too great honestly...

Keep in mind that while these look very scary in the tube [especially number 1 as a bright scarlet red!] they turn very wearable on the lips.
Are you eying any?

THIS JUST IN: Lancome Fall and Holiday info!

Wow! Readers, please thank fatbottmdgrl on Makeupalley for graciously letting me repost this on my blog! Yes, the very same who is behind the Clinique sneek peek info we got earlier!

Check it out:

FYI - just in case you want to post this:

DETAILS OF NEW PRODUCTS FROM LANCOME (other than Declaring Indigo)

NEW OSCILLATION POWERFOUNDATION (that’s right gals, Vibrating Foundation!!!)

Vibrating Sponge Applicator

12 Shades

Shake Product/Unscrew Cap/Tap Excess and press the button for 7,000 micro-vibrations per minute and apply to face.

(I guess this is for people who can’t swirl, tap and buff?????????


Holiday Eye and Face Palettes – there will be 4 palettes with 4 eyeshadows and a blush.

Plum Nuit (plum colors)

La Nuit (Pink colors)

Evening (Dark Neutrals)

Bronze (Light neutrals w/ a green and Mile Glace’ Blush)

Illuminating Face Powder – Sparking Cherub (cherub is embossed into powder)

Oscillation Spark Mascara Topcoat – One in Silver, One in Gold

Ink Artliner (the new pot liners from Lancome) Plum Tease (a true plum) and Brun Mystere’ (as opposed to Brun Elegance in Declaring Indigo)

La Vernis Nail Polish – Untamed Plum ( which is a deep purple shade)

Later this year they are also coming out with Matte Lipsticks and Eyeshadows.

Whoo! Sounds gorgeous! Anything you are interested in?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swatches: Shu Uemura Primitribe Collection Fall 2009

Shu uemura fall is now on counters in Taiwan, even though the stock is actually quite the mess with a only a few stores that have stock RIGHT NOW and even fewer with the complete collection. [Rolls eyes] Great job Shu for botching up another release.

I must say though that this COMPLETELY makes up for the stupid summer collection [and with special packaging too!]. I totally WANT those gel liners, yellow and turquoise have my name labeled on it!

Okay, the reviews. The gel liners are SO CREAMY and so richly pigmented its insane. Citrine [yellow] has slight shimmer that probably won't show up on the eye, Turquoise has more shimmer [but it still probably won't show up once applied] and Spinel is matte. They are so gorgeous, I keep swatching them every time I go past the counter.They retail for 24USD.

The lipsticks are pretty, but only the BG942 and WN297 are being released in the US. The US also has a color PK300 that Asia doesn't get. But all of these are extremely rich and creamy and pigmented--I have my eye on BG910 which is a bit sheerer in color [BG950S is also sheerer]. WN297 is not as dark as it looks in the tube [almost blackish!] and goes on much more purpley fucshia. One of these sets you back 23USD.

The cream sticks [not sure of the exact product name] are not that creamy, nor that pigmented. My SA said that they are supposed to be used as a base for eyeshadow or can be used alone for a translucent wash of color. They are available in four shades--Blazed Gold and Rich Earth also have some glitter in them. All are appropriately 'autumny'. They lasted a whole afternoon on my arm and didn't rub off on my purse or clothes, which I think is because of their drier texture. These are 700NTD which is about 21USD. Please note that Taiwan gets a bit of a discount on shu uemura and the US price may be slightly higher.

The nail polish is quite bright, a blue-based hot pink and I don't like it on my skintone because it tends towards trashy on me [probably because of the blue undertones]. If you like blue pinks though then a bottle will cost you sixteen bucks. Definetly use two coats and a top coat on it and it will last you quite awhile!

Lastly, the blushes. They are GORGEOUS. SOO pretty. Unique though....no. Probably not. But these are great quality and you get two colors [I think for contouring and regular blush] in the same compact for the price of one. [Wow I sound like an infomercial there--two for the price of one! I wish shu did buy one get one free ;-)]. These retail for 21USD. I will let the pictures speak for themselves as they are accurate! As with all shu blushes, these are buildable, glowy and pigmented. My favorite formula!

Please also note that there is a new Limited Edition false eyelash available as well.

So, what do you think? Will you be indulging in Shu Primitribe?

Swatches: Jill Stuart Fall 2009

Hey guys, guess what? Yes, the title is correct, I've got swatches of Jill Stuart Fall! [Except for the mix blush because that would never show up in pictures. I think I will try to take a picture this weekend of the display!] And it seems that everything is permanent!

Check it out! I really liked the new Seductive Eyes palette, [1450 NTD which is about 44USD] even though it might seem similar to Jill Stuart's other palettes because of the pink, but I like it. I won't be picking it up though because I can never pull off pinks.

The new Brilliance Eyes [1450 NTD which is about 44USD] severely disappointed me. The online promo was giving me the false belief that the third color would be a lovely vibrant midtone blue--it's actually more of a faded medium periwinkle. It is growing on me though and I may just pick it up.

The new Jelly Lip gloss [660NTD which is about 20USD] is pretty much just clear with pink frost/shimmer that the camera doesn't pick up. If all goes well, I will be redoing this and the Lip Luster's swatch as well.

Speaking of the Lip Lusters [800NTD which is about 24USD], they are very pigmented, but the shades are just so run of the mill. I don't see any need to spend 24 bucks on this.

The nail polishes are pretty but again, you can find better. I only did one coat of then--but 2 coats of 38 makes it look just a slightly blued black, 37 is only a smidge darker than 36 and both are very sheer. Pass, especially for 450NTD which is almost 14USD!

Also this collection introduces a cuticle oil treatment for 620 NTD which is almost 19USD. Please keep in mind that all items are scented with the traditional Jill Stuart floral rose scent.


What do you think?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swatches: Kanebo Coffret D'or Star Dazzling Liner

[image from ichibankao.com]

Soo, I haven't talked about Coffret D'or since like, ever...and I saw these super gorgeous liners at the counter, and VOILA, swatches! I think these are like the cheaper version [but still expensive for how much product you get at 1about 17USD. Star Dazzling Liner is the Jill Stuart liquid liners, long handle and not that much jar] of Lunasol Geminate liner. It's got that sparkle and shine to it that reminds me of the Lunasol.

They dry down quickly, and can I just say WOW at the lasting power? It took the SA another pump of shu cleansing oil and a ton of hard rubbing to get it all off! And look at those colors! I swear that I will be getting one. SWEAR.

Pic is slightly blurry, I'm sorry :/. At least it shows the shimmer well. Out of the five, DB-03 and BR-32 seem to be more pigmented than the rest. BG-02 is sheer, not as bright applied as it looks in the jar, and WT-04 is the standard white glittery liner that is popping up. BK-29 is a slightly sheer dark grey, definely not very black.

What say you?

THIS JUST IN: Clinique Fall and Holiday info!

This info made possible by the lovely fatbottomdgrl on Makeupalley. Get the scoop!


Even Better Moisturizer $42.50, coming in October
The formula you know and love in Foundation and Serum NOW in a moisturizer too!!

Youth Surge Night Cream $49.50, companion to the day cream, this line will replace the Repairwear Line

Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream (price unknown) FABULOUS STUFF! Not greasy at all, very moisturizing!

Vitamin C Lip Smoothies, on counter now!!! $17.50, 8 shades, did not get colors.
Combination of gloss/lipstick in a “clicky” pen format. We found this formula to be very sticky, however, in a “washing hand” test it did not wash off easily.

SuperBalanced Powder Makeup $34.50 available September. This is “shave” off powder similar to Smashbox’s Halo, had a nice feel, but the brush that comes with it is worthless, buy a Buki.

Men’s Anti-Aging Eye Defense Eye Cream $23, available September, in a tube, ladies might want to check out. Cheaper and probably a dupe for one of the lines regular formulas.

MOST WANTED compact Makeup Sets. Three sets, a Nude a Pink and a Berry.
Three Eye Shadows and a blush in a silver faux leather case.

HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am most excited for this collection!!! Black Tie Violets.

An LE Creamshaper in the pot form in Violet Luxe is going to be out. It is a GORGEOUS deep violet shade."

Whoa! I can't wait for the creamshaper; Violet Luxe is an awesome name too!
What are you looking forward to?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Swatches: Shu Uemura NEW Glow Ons

Yes! Shu uemura finally adds to their collection of glow ons with M wine 24, P pink 34 and P peach 35. Aren't they pretty?

Glow ons retail for 21$ USD on the USA site.

Swatches: Jill Stuart Loose Blush

[image from ichibankao.com]
By request of Catherine :) Unfortunately the counter I go to only seems to have the following shadoes, there was no sight of 04, or 06. Weird!
Anyways, the blush. They are pretty sheer, but can easily be layered. For the swatches I took a clump of the powder and rubbed [the SA did NOT look happy with me digging in the pots!!]. I would guess that up to skintones NC30 they would work well, but beyond that I'm not so sure. All of these have shimmer and retail for 1250NTD which is about 38 USD, which is kind of pricey!

-01 is a very pretty blue pink, seems to be more mauvey than 02.
-02 is more blue and lighter than 01.
-03 is a very unique [in Japanese brands] mauvey rose I guess? Very pretty. This one, 07 and 10 are more pigmented.
-05 is an even more unique orangey color. This one tends on the sheerer side, so it's more wearable.
-07 is kind of like 10, but seems to be a warm dusky rose.
-10 is a pinky dusty rose color.

Hope this helps you Catherine :)

Swatches: Lunasol Geminate Liquid Eyeliner

Image from ichibankao.com.

FINALLY! I finally got fed up and swatched using a dry tester of 04. Seriously, try replacing your old testers, Lunasol Taiwan counters! Jeez. So I'm sorry for the 2nd pic of craptastic 04 Sapphire. It's that dark, and just about that blue. Will update this post when I finally find a fresh tester.

These beautiful, gemstone shades of liquid eyeliner with loads of shimmer retail for about 28USD, which is pre-tty dang high! However, you do get a good amount for your money. These set fast, do have a tendency to clump in the bottle, and, if you swipe your finger over the dried liquid you do get some shimmer that gets migrated. LOVE these colors though!

EDIT TO ADD: I mislabeled the gray in the 2nd pic, it's actually 03 DM :) Sorry for any confusion!

So, what do you think? Like or no?

NEW: Swatches: Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Cover Stick

[next to their color control base for size comparision]

You read that right! Yes, beloved readers, you are getting a sneak peek at the newest shu uemura foundation! It sits in it's throne of simple white plastic, waiting for you to take the cap off and swivel upwards, dab onto your face and blend! It's the GOD of stick foundations, this amazingly pigmented and creamy holy grail waiting to happen! [That means, yes, so pigmented that I can easily see this as being used for stage makeup, with it's lovely creamy satin finish!]

I think the rest of the world [and US online] will be seeing this in roughly six months, as I had seen the Face Architect cream foundation here in Taiwan last summer and it was launched around January if I remember correctly. [For some reason I also want to say October, what the heck?]. And if I am right, that means that we can also be expecting a UV underbase fluid! :D. This retails for 1200NTD, which equals roughly 36.5 USD. Please bear in mind that Taiwan usually gets shu uemura cheaper than Japan or the US.

Also bear in mind that shu uemura only brings a few of it's foundation shades here into Taiwan. This is by no means the full line.

What say you readers?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Swatches: Paul And Joe Eye Gloss N

[image from paul-joe-beaute.com]

These are described as having a whipped texture and a fresh cooling sensation when applied, retailing for about 25USD. They come in five shades, from fresh yellow, pale white, lavender, cool mauve and dark taupe brown. While they are shimmery [I prefer to think of it as 'pearl'], they aren't overly so [AHEM, Jill Stuart Eye Jellies], and they have cute packaging as well. I think the only downside to these is the kind of steep price tag and that they only have five colors. These are easily layerable without looking clumpy, I just didn't sheer out the big lump of product.

Swatches: Jill Stuart Stick Concealer

For those who want me to S-T-F-U about Jill Stuart already, it's OKAY! This is the last post, I swear! Until fall. And maybe their foundation. Perhaps blushes as well--haha just kidding ;-). Today, it's their Stick Concealer. I have to say this is very creamy! I think this is about 2 strokes for this level of pigment, and each stick retails for 840NTD/25USD. I don't know about the price for the amount you get, but if you only have discoloration or something and need a concealer for that, I'd rec looking into this!

The shades are all a little off for me personally, but I think I could use both 02 cinnamon [when I'm more tan], and 03 hazelnut [well blended]. Jill Stuart is definetly not a friendly brand for dark or more pink complexions :/

And there you have it! Jill Stuart Stick Concealer.

Swatches: Jill Stuart Lip Liner Pencils

[image from ichibankao.com]

I am on such a Jill Stuart kick! Haha~~please tell me if you are getting bored and I will try to swatch other brands, it's just that I'm so attracted to the pink display! :D Okay, I promise I will get to swatching those Lunasol Geminate liquid liners that keep eluding me ASAP!

Anyways...these are surprisingly nice lip liners from Jill Stuart after their pencil eyeliners got a big MEH from me. Both are the same price, 600NTD/18USD, but the lip pencils have just enough creaminess to them, but are stiff enough to draw onto your lips, they're pigmented and gorgeous. Seriously. Check it out [the 2nd pic tends to be better]! I don't have any comments about wear or anything because I didn't try it on though.

Pretty eh?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Swatches: Jill Stuart Eyeliner Pencil

[image from ichibankao.com]

Jill Stuart Eyeliner Pencil retails for 600NTD/18USD. It comes in two colors, with a smudger on the other end, and a beautiful cap. I don't know if these also smell like roses, as I didn't sniff it :P but they probably do as everything JS is scented.

Ah, this pic turned out blurry. Okay, 01 charcoal black isn't really that dark and pigmented, and it's not very smooth and creamy either. However, it does last longer and is harder to take off than 02 champagne bubble. Champagne bubble is, like the name suggests, a shimmery creamy white that's used to brighten the eyes. 02 is creamier than 01, but also rubs off faster.

But for the money, you can find better pencils that these two.



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