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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Review: Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift W Cream

Kanebo jumped on the BB cream bandwagon too with their line Freshel. This is the first time I've gotten to try Freshel, but hopefully won't be the last. When I was in Taiwan, I'd been looking for it, but hadn't found it (most of my family members don't wear makeup and don't know 95% of the brands...I must say that my aunt has been picking some brand names up off me though! lol)

Anyways, a friend in Taiwan sent me this as a thank you for a favor I did her recently, and I was delighted to try it. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term BB cream, it's something that originated in Germany, became very popular in Korea / spread to the rest of Asia. It's pretty much a tinted moisturizer, with sunscreen usually and supposed to be good for your skin (in my opinion all just hype. There's no proven research that it's good for you but it certainly is good for marketing).

This particular BB cream is marketed as being more moisturizing and dewy. It comes packaged in a gold and bronze metallic tube and a brown twist off cap, which I find looks classy.

Moist Lift W cream has UV SpF23 PA++, which I find enough for the winter in Chicago at the moment. However as summer arrives, I definetly would recommend using a sunscreen with this product.

The opening is okay, but I dislike the space around it where the product can collect (the photo illustrates it for you...). It's decently packaged for the price.

The product only comes in one shade which works for my NC20 skin. It's supposed to be sheer coverage but I think its almost medium coverage since I only have to use a little to cover up uneven bits of pigmentation and redness around my nose. It's a creamy product that is easy to blend in (I usually use a kabuki brush).

My skin has been a bit dry recently (even with my using a new Holy Grail moisturizer, to be reviewed later) and this makes my skin feel soft & smooth. It hasn't broken me out, though my skin isn't exactly sensitive. I use this alternating with my Kanebo Lunasol Water Cream foundation, of which this color is slightly more peachy and brightening.

As I said before, this was sent to me as a gift from a friend in Taiwan (who does not work for any makeup companies...) and she had crossed off the price in Taiwanese dollars. However, this is available from adambeauty.com for 99Hong Kong dollars (~12.75 USD) and the retail price on the box is listed as 1600 Japanese Yen (about 18 USD) for 50 g.

With all said, I'd definetly recommend this product if you have the skintone that it's marketed to. I find it a great product and one that I'd definetly repurchase.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Scarlet Princess: Red Combo

This probably is my favorite combination of the ones I've tried : ) Even if it didn't use lip liner (which reminds me, I have to get a good red one).

What I Used:
MAC Cockney lipstick (lustre, all over lips).
MAC Port Red lipstick (Frost, center of lips.) LE from May 08.
Clear gloss on center of lips.

What do you think? Are there any lipsticks that look like this without all the layering?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spotted: Tarina Tarantino at Sephora

(I know, I'm being a very bad blogger. But I'm trying, I swear, and I'm attempting to review and take pictures as I used to!)

Anyways. Tarina Tarantino has emerged at Sephora and I'm----underwhelmed. This is the brand that kicked Kevyn Aucoin and Laura Geller out? Hm.

I'm confused with their customer target. I first thought of mid twenties to early thirties, mainly because of their packaging and this. But then they go and try to sell this atrocity at a rip-off price. Now I'm thinking teens, but how do teens afford 19$ lipgloss? (Don't answer that. Lol. Forget that I'm not legal yet.) They also sell cream eyeshadow, but in great for clubbing black, deep purple and gold colours, and offer (stupid, in my opinion) names such as 'Kapinki' (a kabuki brush).

But everyone could do with new eyeshadows. They have pretty colors, I must admit.

For now though, color me skeptical of Ms. Tarantino. I think their marketing campaign is confused, and I don't think their prices and garish, gaudy packaging is going to last long in Sephora.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

Such an influential designer, and far too young to leave us. I suppose the loss of his mother hit him hard. I hope he's at peace, wherever he is now. RIP!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Swatches From MAC: Art Supplies

From the lovely Erine at Specktra.net:

The first picture is of the Pro Longwear Lipstain Markers (16$ each, those colors look a bit repetitive don't they? But I'm intruiged, especially by Full Of Flare), the 2nd pic is of the much anticipated GreasePaintSticks (17.50), of which I have Greengrease, Slick Black, Dirty and Zinc Zone on my wishlist, and the last are of new Pearlglide eyeliners (14.50$), and I'm interested in Undercurrent or Petrol Blue.

What looks good to you? I know I'll be dropping a load of cash on this one...


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