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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Halloween Giveaway!!

This Giveaway is two days late, but I thought you guys wouldn't mind : ). But anyways, Perricone MD is partnering with Diamond in the Rough again, and you have a chance at No Foundation Foundation primer. Click for more info on No Foundation Foundation!

It's supposed to be sort of like a primer/ or finishing product from what I've gathered, and very intriguing (it retails for 50$) in a one shade suits all. (the shade I think is more translucent? No idea. Very tempted to try!)

Unfortunately, this is another contest that is for residents of the United States only! Perricone MD asks this of me. I'm sorry! Only one person will get this prize!
One comment per person. If you enter more than one comment, I will delete the extras.
Please also note that the winner will be chosen via random selection!

1. Become a follower of my blog.
2. Leave a comment answering why you're interested in this product!
3. This contest will end on November 16th 2009 at midnight GMT Central US/Canada time. That gives you two weeks to enter!
I will announce the winner on November 16th and you will have to email me within 5 days at tiamodiamondintherough(at)gmail(dot)com with your full name and address to claim your prize. If you do not email me within 5 days, I will choose another winner.

*please note: by entering my contest, I now reserve the right to give your name, email and mailing address to Perricone MD representatives. This is not unwarranted, because they are the ones who will mail your prize. Giveaway sponsored by Perricone MD. Open to US residents only.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Haul: More Pics From Asia

I haven't been a very good blogger lately, so I apologize! Here are a few more pics of things I picked up from Taiwan:

Kanebo Media palettes PU-1, BR-3 (drugstore, around 10$ retail)

Gransenbon Gran eyes 17 (Specialty stores, around 15-17$ retail)

Lavshuca Duo Eyes in PU-1 (Drugstore, around 84 retail)
Of course, reviews coming as fast as I can. I haven't been able to get swatches because of the terrible rainy weather we've been having, but I'll definetly try. :D

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Maquillage Counter

Forgot to post these pics way back when, and I don't know all the names of the shades--hopefully this gives you an idea though of colors if you buy online.

New Skincare Site

Hi everyone! Julia at Shop The Skinny emailed me and told me about what they offer. I thought my readers may be interested in when the site launches, so I posted the info she sent me:

"...You may be familiar with the new sample sale craze (Gilt Groupe, RueLaLa, etc.). We're very similar, except we're focused exclusively on products and services for your skin.

Our members will be able to get the high-end skin care products and spa treatments they love, at up to 75% off. And if they are skin care newbies, acne sufferers, or have questions about their skin, we have educational videos and personalized recommendations to help them find the perfect products.

We will feature products from brands like Perricone MD, Lisa Hoffman Beauty, 100% Pure, International Orange, and Organic Apoteke, as well as cosmetic services like Botox from renowned dermatologists... all at affordable prices."

"Our first shopping event is Nov. 4, but if you (or your readers) sign up early, you'll be entered to win Perricone MD's Skin and Total Body Dietary Supplements ($140 value)!"

From their site:

The Skinny is the first members-only site offering exclusive deals on top-shelf skin care products and spa treatments.
Shop the Skinny and you'll have access to exclusive sales on all the high-end skin care brands and spas you love, at
prices you won't believe!"

Cool. Do let me know if you're going to be checking The Skinny out :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scarlet Princess: Review: Besame Voluptuous Lip Color Set Red Velvet

So, after coming across my review of Besame Enchanting lipstick, Ms. Gabriella Hernandez herself commented on it! She also said to contact them to try their new Voluptuous lipstick (which is NOT supposed to replace Enchanting. Enchanting will be released full size later this year!). Anyways, for 35$ you get a nice box, a lip brush, that small velvet case for the lipstick (pictured above), a lip liner and a lipstick.

The lipstick is .14 oz or 4 grams, and about the same size as a MAC lipstick (the mac lipstick is very slightly taller due to the different shapes).
Note the different shape of the bullet...I like it because I always hate that I can lose the point of my lipstick. I didn't know how I'd use a completely curved bullet at first but it's surprisingly easy.

The packaging of these are metal and still evoke vintage themes but the black, as opposed to the previous red seems to be a bit more modern. I like it better! The black is very elegant and classy, and the cap will definetly stay on. Here's another picture of the set:

As you might be able to tell, the lipliner is nicely sharp. I can get a defined line from it and I don't need to sharpen even after a few uses. The lip brush is firm and slightly flexible, and nice for depositing even color. I was wondering how I could travel with it, as it doesn't have a cap, but I just wiped it with a tissue and it was okay. See the uniquely shaped handle? It's supposed to fit perfectly between your thumb and index finger. I think it may be a bit more of a marketing hype but it does work.

Please ignore the peach lipgloss underneath the Red Velvet swatches, that was the only decent swatch I could get for another product:
The lipstick I had swatched 3 sheer layers and the lip liner only 1, to give you an idea of how the color layers. The liner has a very nice match to the lipstick, you can hardly tell the distance.

The formula is nice on these (which also come in a nude and a pink color). I much prefer them over MAC's rather drying ones [please keep in mind I've only tried Lustres and Frosts], but I have to say that the Enchanting lipsticks probably had more WOW pigment factor. I think I'd use the Voluptuous color for everyday and the Enchanting for a night out or formal occasions. Also, remember that the Enchanting ones weren't supposed to be replaced with the Voluptuous!

I've heard reports of people disliking these because they were drying, but I find them very comfortable at first swipe. After a few hours it does tend to dry, like any other lipstick, so I put some lip balm on top. I'm so glad that the red fades evenly (though it does seem to become more magenta-ish over time, like pretty much every other red lipstick on me) and doesn't leave a ring around my lips. It might feather slightly though, but I didn't use lipliner with it, and the lip liner usually solves those problems.

Overall, I'm not sure if I'd repurchase these though. I really like the formula, but if I bought a set each time I wanted to try a different color, that'd be quite alot of extras you get with the lip liners (which I don't really use) and lip brushes. I think, that if they split the set up and had the option to buy the lipstick alone for a bit cheaper price that it'd get a positive response. I still want to try the nude color though!

Oh and another thing-- red lipstick is seriously a PAIN in the ass to photograph. I can't count how many pictures I took, and I still will include 4 to give you an idea how the lighting alters the shade. It's not that vibrant honestly, more of a slightly muted red (AKA, not Marilyn Monroe) and deeper.
This pic's probably the most accurate:

(Sorry for the annoying placement of the watermarks, but after a case of picstealing ebay'ers I won't take any more chances!)
*This review will kick off the Scarlet Princess series of red lipstick :)
**Please note, this product was sent to me by Besame Cosmetics for reviewing purposes.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Quick Pics, Lip Swatches

Hmm, I still wonder if I should continue buying MAC lipsticks. Very nice colors and such, but formula does leave a bit to be desired, especially the lustres and frosts. Maybe I've gotten used to it though.

MAC Black Knight: (Style Black, cremesheen) Applied straight from tube

What the color really looks like in real life:
(definetly doesn't photograph well. Also, you must be very precise in coloring in lip line!!)
Dsquared2's Nude Rose (Lustre):
(apologies for weird angle of the lips...;x)

What do you think of the colors?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

BREAKING NEWS--INFO on new MAC collections!

No, not all those mind-numbing collections on Temptalia [though those do sound a bit tempting]--the SPRING collection!

From the lovely M2deedeelicious on MUA, whose says:

"My SA told me that they just came back from the briefing. its still in the plans. There's an Exclusive Vivienne Westwood collection. And--a Disney Villians collection. (Insert from Ti_Amo: OMG!!! DISNEY?!??! VILLIANS!??!? OMG!!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!!) "no colors selected yet but they predict its gonna be bigger then HK and Barbie...Colors are supposed to be amazing, and there will be a name with Malificent something (for those who forget, Malificent is the evil sorcerer/dragon in The Sleeping Beauty)".

Here's a link to the thread on Makeupalley, though it's mainly me and a few other Disney lovin' ladies going OMG!!!!!

Also, ms M2deedeelicious asked me to drop a note by you guys about her website, The Traincase. I know a few people who have ordered with her, and she's definetly a source to consider!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

New FTC Rulings For US-Based Bloggers

As most of you may know, the US Federal Trade Commission recently ruled that, as of December 1 2009, bloggers who receive free products will have to disclose if they do so or not. I suppose this is to tell consumers to be wary of people who review free stuff very positively. More on the US FTC ruling here, at A Touch Of Blusher.

Anyways, the point of this post is for me to tell you all that I will always review a product based on it's own merit and not positively just because I got it for free. What would be the point in blogging, if no one took you seriously then? I don't want to become like most of those "Youtube gurus'' who have thousands of followers who think that those gurus have the Midas touch and everything they review is gold. No.

Some things will be bad. Some things will make me chuck them after first use. Some things will become my Holy Grail. Some things are just average.

And I promise to remain true.

Haul: MAC Dsquared & Style Black

I actually only ended up buying 2 things from the two collections: Dsquared's Nude Rose & Style Black's Black Knight. I had wanted the black greasepaintstick, but it predictably sold out. Also, Seriously Hip nail lacquer is looking very tempting, I may go back for that.

Nude Rose is SO pretty! Definetly not unique, but gorgeous nonetheless. It's raining outside at the moment, or I'd post a pic of how it looks on my lips.

Black Knight-- I couldn't stop staring at this when I had it on. It was a sort of mixture of OH MY GOD and this is pretty frackin' awesome. I'm definetly doing this for Halloween. It does require a bit of layering to get very black, but reviews coming soon.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Thanks so much to the lovely Y at the XX Chronicles! Click to go for a visit!
She nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger award! You guys have no idea how excited I am :)

The Rules:
1. Link the girl who awarded you and thank her!

2. Put the picture of the award on your blog

3. Award 7 beautiful bloggers!
. Tell them you awarded them!
5. Tell us all 7 interesting things about yourself!

My Interesting Things:

I'm not legal yet! [Adult that is!]

I love creative writing [and hate math and science...go figure!]

Addicted to music.

Love my Converse kicks!

I really want a yellow car.

The things I always leave home with: Cell phone, ipod, money and lipgloss. [Bath and body works liplicious frozen daiquiri!]

7. Am currently [failing] French ;x.

I nominate...

1. Kathy at Lotus Palace for all those awesome Asian makeup reviews!

2. Haru at Rouge Deluxe for the latest news on Japanese makeup!

3. Jojoba at My Makeup Reviews for detailed insight on a whole lotta products!

4. Elvira at Pink Sith for her love of taupe and reviews shot through with humor!

5. Lina at The Beauty Look Book for those amazingly gorgeous pics of hers!

6. Autumn Masquerade at Autumn Masquerade for great pics and reviews of the latest Japanese makeup collections!

7. Karla at The Next Best Thing To Going Shopping Yourself (self explanatory!)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Review: Majolica Majorca Jeweling Palettes

Ah, review long overdue! The Jeweling eye palettes came out the summer collection of this year, long ago in the makeup world! They come is a range of 5 shades for roughly 420NTD -- 13 USD.
I had been excited to hear of a new eyeshadow series from Majolica, but then was mostly disappointed to hear the initial reports of the powdery texture and the usual pastel like shades. However, I wanted to pick at least one palette up to see how it really was...and ended up getting another as well.

But anyways, the colors I ended up getting were SV887 and GD886. After swatching all of them I thought these two had the best texture and pigmentation, even if they are for a sheerer look.
SV887 contains a shimmery white, a cool, purpled light pink, a medium silver and a darker gray.
The texture of the white was okay, a little chunky, the pink a bit chalky, but the other two great.
GD886 contains a gold tinged shimmery white, a pale buttercup yellow, a deeper bronze and a darker greenish brown.

The texture of all of them are a bit powdery, not atypical of Japanese eyeshadows. It's a very 'meh' texture, one that usually sucks when used with a brush but applies better with sponge applicators. If you use these palettes with a brush, you will be so disappointed! You MUST use these with sponges!

I like the color combinations of these two. Not overwhelmingly creative, like the Trick On palettes are, but they are very pretty and idiot-proof [trust me ladies, I would know ;-)].

Overall, if you're looking for a more office-friendly soft shaded palette, these are for you! If not, steer clear and keep your 13$ safe!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sephora Friends And Family News!!

Sephora’s F&F will begin October 19th and end November 2nd, 2009!!

During the sale, you’ll get 20% off [almost] everything with code FF2009.

Don't miss it!!


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