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Sunday, October 11, 2009

BREAKING NEWS--INFO on new MAC collections!

No, not all those mind-numbing collections on Temptalia [though those do sound a bit tempting]--the SPRING collection!

From the lovely M2deedeelicious on MUA, whose says:

"My SA told me that they just came back from the briefing. its still in the plans. There's an Exclusive Vivienne Westwood collection. And--a Disney Villians collection. (Insert from Ti_Amo: OMG!!! DISNEY?!??! VILLIANS!??!? OMG!!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!!) "no colors selected yet but they predict its gonna be bigger then HK and Barbie...Colors are supposed to be amazing, and there will be a name with Malificent something (for those who forget, Malificent is the evil sorcerer/dragon in The Sleeping Beauty)".

Here's a link to the thread on Makeupalley, though it's mainly me and a few other Disney lovin' ladies going OMG!!!!!

Also, ms M2deedeelicious asked me to drop a note by you guys about her website, The Traincase. I know a few people who have ordered with her, and she's definetly a source to consider!!


  1. OMG Disney Villains is going to be awesome!!

  2. Hey Catherine! My thoughts exactly!!

  3. that's a collection I'd be excited to see! and malificent is such a great name for a product...hope it's something crimson or really dark :)

  4. Hey Mayaari! I know right? And Malificent--ooh, makes me think of vampy purples or reds! I can't wait!!

  5. Any word on if they'll have accessories, too, like Hello Kitty did?

  6. Vivienne Westwood - OMG!
    Disney Villians - OMG!


  7. Hey Anonymous! Probably, since Barbi, HK and Fafi had accessories!

    Hey Supah! I know right?? I can't WAIT!

  8. Wow that's sooo exciting! I love reading about new MAC collections, it gives me time to save up and plan ahead! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hey Marce! I know exactly what you mean! :) no problem!

  10. I can't wait! MAC & Disney...totally awesome!!! Does anyone have an idea when we will be able to view the colors? I just hope that some of the lippie shades are a smokey, deep and grayish purple color(s) cause I like me something new & different like that.


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