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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Summer 2009: Shu Uemura CONFIRMED.

Yesterday shu uemura sent emails stating that yes, the collection 'eternal gold' is indeed their summer collection. I'm disappointed, because there's only 2 new products, and then the 4 lippies that are new. Wow....

To view my earlier post on shu uemura eternal gold summer 2009 collection, please click here.

To view the shu uemura site's summer collection page, please click here.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

PSA: MAC Passionate is NOT going to be discontinued

Good news! Wherever the rumor that MAC Passionate was going to be discontinued came from, it's not! I am so glad because while I want this shade, I don't have the funds for it right now. Here's my chat with a MAC artist:

I have heard that the eyeshadow Passionate is going to be discontinued. Is this true?
Sara: Hi! Let me check on that for you, just one moment.
Me: Thank you!
Sara: I've just checked, and find nothing that says Passionate is being phased out. If this is a must-have shadow for you, I would contact our Consumer Services dept--they would have the final word. 1-800-387-6707 (option 6).
Sara: Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
Me: Oh no!
Me: Thanks for helping me!
Sara: Anytime!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

EOTD: Revisiting An Old Friend/Dupe

Since the weather's been getting nicer, I pulled out my shu uemura fleur de rose palette from summer 2008! I wished that I'd gotten the fleur de source as well, the blue greens were absolutely gorgeous! Here it is, in all it's beautiful glory:

I used the far left two colors, the lilacy tinted silver and the dark purple. Here are the swatches:

MAC Deep Purple pigment seems to be a great dupe for the purple.

What I used:
Fleur De Rose: The two colors stated above
Shu uemura ME850 as lid color
No mascara--this is a quick reenactment of a previous night's EOTD. For that EOTD I also used Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing + their base.

How it turned out:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Review: Urban Decay Liquid Liner

Urban Decay claims that their liquid liner is 'a quick drying, liquid eyeliner'. No doubt about the eyeliner part, but quick drying? You might want to check on that fact. And that's not the only problem.

I was so excited to get this liquid liner [only my 2nd, ever] as the colors looked beautiful, and the reviews pretty good. Urban Decay now has 14 shades of liquid liner, ranging from black to olives to teals and gold. What they say about their product:
"Liquid Liner

What it is:
Quick-drying liquid eyeliner.

What it is formulated to do:
Urban Decay is known for their unique and varied color selections and their Liquid Liner is no exception. The quick-drying formula won't budge, even under the most strenuous conditions. Enhance your eyes with a classic swipe of solid black, a subtle shimmering neutral, or a burst of sparkling color. And if that wasn't enough, the amazing formula will last all day or all night (or even both).

What else you need to know:
Liquid Liners can be worn alone, or smudged together to give you unlimited options. Clear, inkwell-style bottles look sleek and the handle fits in your hand perfectly, because a steady hand means perfect lines! Best of all, the formula dries quickly and leaves a beautiful, subtle shine.

Size: 0.25 oz" For 18$. -- Taken from sephora.com.

Well Urban Decay, for my first product from you, I'm quite underwhelmed. Firstly, the brush doesn't draw a fine line and it really is quite flimsy, but thick at the same time. OK, so a bit hard to use, no biggie. I drew a [mediocre] line on my lid and waited for it to dry, waving my hand over it to help it along. There are two things about the line: It's kind of thick and not very steady, and hmm, after a minute, it seems to be dry. I open my eye and bam! The line smudges halfway up my lid!

I thought that was because I was using it wrong. But two weeks later, each time I used it [with varying degrees of thickness and layers] I encountered the same result. The beautiful inky black color with silver glitter would smear into a dull watery black, the shimmer creased all over my eyelids. So Urban Decay, your product doesn't dry at all, much less quickly!

But with the drying time clocked at, oh, well, never, it's kind of impossible for it to last. Sure enough, it's gone within an hour, leaving sparkles all over your face as a parting gift. BLECH. At least they got this right--it is 'shiny'.

The packaging is cute, but really not that practical [much like their Primer Potion]. It's an inkwell, with the lid/brush screw top, but I don't know what you would do when you're trying to get to the last drops. The brush handle is alright to use, not the best but not totally impractical.

It's a good amount of product for the price [.25 oz for 18$] but for what the product is, even if it was free I wouldn't use it. It might be your mileage may vary, but well, with such a disastrous result, I'll keep my mileage and 18$, thanks.

Friday, April 24, 2009

NEW: At Urban Decay

Hey guys! Check out what's new at Urban Decay! A new mascara and liquid liners! I have to say that the liquid liner colors look gorgeous but I've tried em and nope, not for me!
In Ecstasy [metallic violet]
And Minx [metallic teal]
Then there's the Skyscraper mascara!

Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara
What it is:
An innovative, multitasking mascara.

What it does:
Reach new heights with Urban Decay's all new Skyscraper Mascara. This monumental breakthrough will lengthen, strengthen, separate, curl, brighten, and thicken your lashes sans clumping or flaking. The state-of-the-art brush features a flexible shaft and multiple rows of tapered bristles to comb through lashes from root to tip. Achieve that "come hither" look that gets 'em every time.

What else you need to know:
This formula nourishes lashes for long, strong, feather-soft effects. The velvety, soft-touch tube takes this mascara over the top on the sexy scale with a jet black finish wrapped in a hand-drawn, midnight purple design." --taken from sephora site. All images from sephora site as well!

Will you be indulging? Stay tuned for my review of Urban Decay liquid liner in Oil Slick [Black with silver glitter]

Summer 2009: Shu Uemura Collection [?]

Is this the shu uemura summer 2009 collection? Here?[Source] It's right underneath 'the pink collection' under 'seasonal collections'. Hmm, it DOES have alot of the new products I was told about! Check it out:

Eternal Gold :

In this 2009 summer mode makeup collection, shu uemura is influenced by the shimmering golden sunshine that enlightens true beauty. the eternal golden sun collection utilizes the golden rays of the sun that reflect on the skin to enhance glow and create a beautifully bronzed tan. this shimmering range brings out pure and natural beauty in every woman.

The collection: [I'm confused about this as this looks like alot of permanent products!]
Pressed Eyeshadow: ME Brown 850, ME Gold 350

Cream eyeshadow: P Pink, P Brown 7a
Natural Goat 50H brush
Bronzing Powders: Light, Medium & Dark,
UV Under Base Shimmer
Glow On Blush P Amber 83 and P Pink 31
Rouge Unlimited Crystal Shine in PK301S [pictured] and BG901S

Gloss Unlimited in BR755n

What do you think? Is this the summer collection, or just promoting the products?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Obsession: Yellow Eyeshadow

Just like my insatiable love of teals/aqua shades for eyeshadows and nail polish, yellow is another obsession of mine. It's supposed to be 'in' for this year's spring [which may be true as MAC is releasing a Bright Future in Style Warriors collection [May] and it's BRIGHT canary yellow!] Check out my current stash!

Here we have:
The She Space [TSS] About Face Shot the messenger, which is a really pretty true yellow gold and great shimmer
MAC Goldmine, which is a slightly more brassy than Shot the Messenger, but again, great shimmer
MAC Golden Lemon, Shimmery! And it has chunks of more shimmer. Very prone to fallout but beautiful bright yellow! [I think of this color when I hear yellow, perfect!]
Shu Uemura ME300, Great shimmery yellow, with great texture. Seems to have a bit of green to it!
MJMJ YE323, Matte with coarse sparkles. This is interesting, bad payoff on brush though, slightly lighter and more green tinged than ME300.
Anna Sui 800, which I wouldn't really classify as a yellow. Sure it's yellow, but once swatched it's more of a cream shade. What can I say--appearences can be decieving. I rarely reach for this one!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EOTD/LOTD: Glittery Circa Plum and Stila Raspberry Lip Glaze

What I Used:
Integrate Pencil Eyes shadow / liner BK981
Jill Stuart Jelly Eyes Amethyst Mauve 19
Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara
MAC Circa Plum [of Color Forms and A Rose Romance]
Stila Raspberry Lip glaze [I might just be in love with this formua! It's thick, moisterizing, lasts, pigmented!!!!]

Inaccurate picture [to show glossiness]:

Accurate pictures:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

PSA: Beaute Sale Code Reactivated! And a Taupe Dupe!

Browse the website here! Keep in mind that prices are in Canadian dollars!

Sale code is KarlaSugar [after the lovely KS @ The Next Best Thing to Going Shopping Yourself. View her swatches there!]

You have until June 30th to get 10% off your entire order, so take your time and browse!

As for Taupe eyeshadow dupes, who hasn't heard of MAC's infamous Coco pigment? It's extremely hard to swap for! But have no fear, the lovely musicalhouses of Makeupalley has discovered that Urban Decay's YDK eyeshadow is a spot on dupe! Click here for pictures and swatches. I hope that helps!

PSA: No More Back2MAC--In the UK

Thanks to pink_lemonade_86 on Makeupalley for the info!

"When I went to B2M yesterday [4/17/2009], the guy who served me and said it was the last time I would be allowed to B2M. Thought I'd let you know!The company who recycle the plastic don't want to clean out the makeup anymore so MAC has discontinued this program (just in the UK). I asked if it would be replaced with anything else or GWPs and nope, nothing!"

That absolutely sucks for UK MAC users! B2M is a great program and I can't believe that MAC couldn't find another company to recycle the plastic from. I suppose that now, they would just have to save the empties until they or someone else travels to the US, swap them, or ship to US friends to B2M them.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Update: Lancome Plum Fantasy Magique Mousse Blush Review

I have updated this review to include a picture of me wearing it [before and after]. I hope this helps! View the complete review here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NOTD: Essie Shorty Pants

WOW, I love this color! It's exactly the yellow I've been looking for, not too golden but not too green either. But the formula leaves alot to be desired--it's streaky, and chips easily even with top and base coat. But what can I say--it came out the summer of 2008, and I got it for 30% off. No complaints here--the color is going to make me love it forever. I cannot count how many compliments I've gotten on this either!

View a better picture:

NEW: Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronze Collection

Source. Translated from German using IGoogle webpage translator, edited slightly by me to make it more fluent. Please click on pictures if they are cut off to see them at original sizes.

"Are you already dreaming of your summer vacation this year? Why just dream? With the Illuminating Bronze Collection by Bobbi Brown, you can enjoy the summer now."

Tanned skin with a hint of shimmer makes you glow like it's the middle of summer vacation! Beautiful, sexy and sun kissed.

"I love soft tanned skin with a hint of shimmer - naturally beautiful and super sexy!" Bobbi Brown

The look: [shown above]:

The look
Maui cheeks Illuminating Bronzing Powder
Cocoa Lip Lip Color
Eye Burnt Sugar Metallic Eye Shadow, Black Everything Mascara

All Over Bronzing Gel SPF 15:
Bobbi's unique Bronzer's gel base to give the complexion an instant, healthy, natural tan. In addition, it protects the skin with SPF 15.

New Color:
Golden Sun

From July 2009 to all Bobbi Brown Studios available.
Recommended retail price: 23 EUR or 30USD

Illuminating Bronzing Powder:
The gentle and soft, pressed powder consists of an innovative composition. Lightweight powder and micro beads. The Illuminating Bronzing Powder is smoothly applied and gives the skin a soft, natural sheen.

Available in colors:
♦ Antigua
♦ Bali Brown
♦ Maui
♦ Barbados Tan
♦ Aruba
♦ Bahamas

Available from July 2009 to all Bobbi Brown Studios available.
Recommended retail price: 33 EUR or 43USD

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Review: Lancome Plum Fantasy Magique Mousse Blush

Wow, this review is long overdue! I promised you this weeks ago, but haven't had much opportunity [aka, excuse for forgetting ;-)] to sit down and type this up. But here we go!

Please note that this product is discontinued and while your local store / counter may have a few left, for best opportunity to purchase this, go to a local outlet store or websites.

While I swapped for this, it used to cost 28$ for 0.26 oz or 7 grams. I thought that it cost so much, but now that I've used it, and see the amount you really need, it's a decent price.

The color of Plum Fantasy is, indeed, plum. But it's not purpley, it's very rosey--rosey bronze with the dustiness of plum is how I'd describe it. I really do like it, but it has big sparkles in it. Not really fine shimmer that translates into glow once applied--this is bits of silver sparkle. I would have prefered that Lancome keep these matte! I, for one, don't like overly shimmery blush and this is one reason why I don't use this as much as I would if it were matte.

Of course, the part you've all been waiting for--the texture! It's spongey! It's moussey! It's super soft! It's pigmented! It's...Lancome Magique Mousse blush!

Out of the [decidedly not that many] cream or mousse products I've tried, only two have really made my eyes pop out at the texture. That's this stuff, and Jill Stuart Jelly Eyes [a review for another day]. It's so different! And it's not bad. Imagine whipped cream. Now imagine that it's firmer than whipped cream and spreadable [don't tell me you've never wanted to moosh your finger around in a cream product before!]. It easily blends into my skin, and the texture is really amazing. I love it!

All of this deliciously amazing product is housed in a frosted glass jar that feels nicely weighty. The cap is black with a golden rose--Lancome's symbol--on it. When all is said and done, this gem is definetly worth hunting down--Dang Lancome for discontinuing the series!

Update: Here is a picture of me wearing no blush:

Then wearing Plum Fantasy [used lightly, not a fan of heavy blush]

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Review: Kanebo Tiffa Body Butter

Alright, now that I've had this blog for 9 months, I think I might as well start reviewing some body care items! Nothing like the generic Bath & Body Works stuff though, some of the more unusual things that you either 1. never have heard of before! or 2. walk past without noticing.

Tiffa body butter probably falls into the first category for most of you as it's yet another drugstore line by Kanebo that only retails in Asia. They're a brand of mostly skincare items, very little makeup [what they do have is eyeliners]. What they sell isn't of great interest to me, but I did happen to pick up a body butter for NTD180 [about 6 USD].

It's a odd consistency, like a slick but thick cream. It's ok, not exactly what I think of when I hear 'body butter', which I think is supposed to be more luxurious.

This stuff doesn't sink in quickly, and you can still feel it a couple minutes later. A word of warning: if you apply this to your feet and then must subsequently walk on tile, wood, etc. you probably are going to slip. It leaves a shine, and as I said before, doesn't sink in well.

The scent of this is fresh [to me], sort of like florally peach. However, my guy friend did indeed state that it 'smells like grandma'. Your mileage may vary! I think it smells nice--used in small doses--, and since the line is targeted to pre-teens in Asia, would sell well there.

This is packaged in a bright pink tub, with pink princessy font over a black lid. Again, it appeals to young girls in the Asian markets, and I think it does look cute.

All in all, while I won't repurchase this again (doesn't sink in, smell may make you nauseous after a few hours), it's decent, and I'll use it up.

View some pics:

Friday, April 10, 2009

Haul: CPs and CCO

Hi all! My friend recently came back from Taiwan, and I asked her to CP 2 items:

Jill Stuart Jelly Eyes in Amethyst Mauve 19 [I had told her this was the alternative to the shiny onyx they released in spring, in case it was out of stock]
Shu Uemura ME300 eyeshadow [bright, kickass yellow!]

And then I went to the CCO and got:
MAC Polar Opposites Mineralize eyeshadow duo

Here are the pics!

And swatches:



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