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Monday, April 6, 2009

Gone Under: Stila and Jane

Stila is NOT going bankrupt! I am doing this post to fend off the rumors.

Stila Rumors:
1. They declared bankruptcy last week.

2. That their website, which has been down for a few days, is the result of it. Their website sends you to Sephora.

Stila Confirmed that they AREN'T GOING OUT OF BUSINESS!

1. "
Just got off of the phone with a Rep from Stila, and was assured the company is NOT going bankrupt, and all is good in the world. So while I urge you to go pick up your favorite Stila products, there's no need to hoard them. Be patient - the website will be back soon, after routine maintenance is completed. And Stila isn't going anywhere!

Please - if you see anyone passing along the bankruptcy rumor, correct them, will ya? This is harmful for a company...

If you have any questions, contact me @ jen@beautyschoolblog.net!" Taken from source.

That's good news. Even though I don't buy from Stila alot, I would hate to see them go.

Jane rumors:
1. Deep clearances at Walgreens.

Jane confirmation: SOURCE
1. '
Jane & Company today filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in Wilmington, Delaware." (from Source).

Sad economic times...


  1. but stila is gone in malaysia. they are having a giant sale now but the prices are still high for a brand that's doing so poorly here. sigh...

    the sign here only says it's going back to the USA so i guess it's not closing YET.

  2. Hi Jojoba! Oh I see. Stila must face some stiff competition there from all the Japanese brands! But it does rather well in the States, so I only supposed they're pulling out of a few Asian markets. Thanks for the info!

  3. Chapter 11 bankruptcy still allows the company to operate while consolidating their assets, if I remember correctly, they may not go out of business just yet, or they might get sold to another larger company that also buys their debt.

    alabasterdulcinea (from MUA)

  4. Hi alabasterdulcinea! Yep, they're just reorganizing--but I thought Jane was doing pretty well for d/s! Thanks for commenting :)


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