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Saturday, February 28, 2009

EOTD: Bronze and Pink

I was bored and had been wanting to use this new swapped-for Skinfood eyeshadow that swatches so well...it's kind of sheer on the lid but I suppose that's what makes it more wearable.
Please excuse the horrible lighting--the sun decided to play peek-a-boo today :/ And those horrible bumps on my brow--no idea where they came from!

What I used:
Skinfood vitamin e/s 7, (kind of crease too)
MAC Museum Bronze pigment (crease ish)
MAC Dazzlelight (As a base and highlight)

Nail Art: VOCE Magazine 3/2009

This is the March edition of Japanese magazine VoCE that I bought at my Japanese market (Mitsuwa--8$!!!) Here are some shots of the nail art I found inside the pages. If you have any requests of pics of the Japanese makeup (Foundation, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, eyeliner tutorials and what not) inside, leave a comment! I'll take pics of them and post them too.


Review: Shiseido FT Super Mild BS Citrus Face Wash

Whew! That is one long name. Of course, I think this is one of Shiseido's lower drugstore skincare only lines--but I'm not that sure about it. They also carry an apricot super mild body wash--looks just like the face wash except it's orange. Don't know what to think...

This stuff comes in a screw top curved bottle that fits nicely in your hand. Mine is 90ml, but I've seen huge bottles (with a push dispenser) of it at Mitsuwa--around 12 0z maybe? Th 12 oz retails for about 15$ in Asian supermarkets around you. I shudder to think how long it would take to get through one of THOSE--but if you do, don't worry! Shiseido sells the same size refills that you can just pour into those bottles.

Firstly, the texture. It's sort of a cross between gel and cream--thicker than gel, but spreads like it. It's non-foaming, but you can really feel it lathering on your face. It washes easily away too, without leaving a film on your face. While it says "Super Mild", it leaves your face squeaky clean--with a little bit of tightness, so definetly use moisterizer afterwards.
(Wow, this picture looks odd ...)

With Water:

I use a little bit (a little goes a long way!) after taking my makeup off with Shu Uemura cleansing oil and that gets rid of anything the oil might've missed.
It's scented with fresh citrus (as the name might've told you :P) and I like it, it's unobtrusive but brightening.

I can't tell you any of the ingredients as they're all in Japanese :X. This stuff doesn't break me out--huge yay! It might be as close to Holy Grail for me as anything I've ever tried. Now it's on a shaky HG status, we'll see if it can last there.

Haul: Pear SONY B&C Labs CP Hand Cream!

I found this, the apple and the orange hand creams at my Mitsuwa the other day and thought I'd take some pics. But the price tag is ouch!! 11$! Next I'm definetly going to be getting the orange.

With their lip balms in front:

Both of the hand creams:

Friday, February 27, 2009

Cosmetics Company Store: Report! ALSO, 15% off Sephora!

For Aurora, Chicago Premium Outlets IL CCO

Trip 5 palette –french grey, carbon, lighter silver, freckletone and something else
Green tea cleanser
Shave cream 8$
Charged water – 2-3 varieties—pink, blue
Neo Sci Fi l/s, brown and beige i think
Copperplate e/s
2 eyeshadows from the Couture collex—with those pearl things all over them
2 cream color bases from the Nordies exclusive collex last year
2 l/s from Nordies exclusive collex last year
Flash-N-dash (fafi,), squeeze it (fafi)
Otherwordly, delft, rollickin, mosscape, quite natural, 2-3 other paint pots/fluidlines
Paints- beige, chartreuse
2 mineralize satinfinish liquid foundations
lots of lashes
sweet sienna, jewelmarine, qire-de-blue, tea time, gold stroke, circa plum pigments, 2-3 others\
Cool heat, warm chill, pen n pink, signed, sealed, the dark purple mattene, clarity, flourishing,
Dreammaker, Go, Bold & Brazen, Mink & Sable, Lotusland starflash shadows
ALL neo sci fi eyeshadows, both their blushes, Serenely blush and another one
Hey Sailor, ensign lustreglasses,
All Neo Sci Fi lipglosses except pink grapefruit
Blue dazzleglass
Pretty much all the sculpt / shape duos, no more light flush MSF
Lots of n/p—Naughty Nauticals, creamsheen peach one, red, wildfire, white
Purple and blue cream shadows—the creasy ones
Warm, Cool, Smokey holiday palettes (this year)
1 lip set from Antiquitease—peachy pinks
2 fafi dolls—the red haired and brown one
5 strobe lip balms (white packaging)
Flowerplay lipstick, Real Desire, Desire lipglosses
2 3D lip glosses

Shimmering nudes (35$)
Lip basic palete
Rockstar palette trio
Eye basic palette
Mauve and raspberry face palettes
Bronze and tawny shimmerbrick palettes
Pink / tawny blush duo
2 other pinky blushes
Ivy shimmer gel liner, black ink gel liner
2 matte lip stains
Cocoa mauve set
A bronzer / lipstick set, in gold packaging
Lip balm, face balm

Cool and Warm holiday sets (not sure what years)
Purple, grey, green, 2 other gel liners
5-6 cream shadows
10 or so lipglosses

Lancome CCO report:
sparkling grey duo, lots of eyeshadow duos--sparkling black, green, etc
Subtle Fluff, peach melba, feminine rose, mocha something mousse blush
Set of 4 GA lipsticks
Aplum Miel Glace and Cappucine blushes
lots of GWP sets
2 sets of 8 each shadows--had these a few years ago, great quality
Shu 14 pony brushes
Pink bloom (shu) l/s--2-3 more pinky ones
light pastel blue and salmon eyeshadows
3 for 15 Lancome np--bright pink, orange and yellowy sparkles

I ended up getting just Magnetic Fields :)

PSA: 15% off Sephora--Everything!

Good through March 7th, the code is J89LM, USA orders only (Sorry Canadian fans!) "Your next order!" (one time use I suspect). Also, Free shipping ovr 50$!

EOTD: Parrot Inspired

Now, I say Parrot Inspired which might make some of you think of MAC Parrot--but I swapped that shadow away long ago as the payoff was ridiculously horrible. So I did a green and yellow Parrot inspired eye, to knock me far far out of my neutral EOTD streak.

What I used:
MAC Teal Pigment (at far edge of eye, "outer V")
MAC Golden Yellow pigment (inner corner of eye)
MAC Golden Olive pigment all over lid
And I pretty much just blended all the colors for the below lash line.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Teaser: Lancome Magique Mouse Blush

Teehee! I got this in the mail a few days ago, and love it! Here are a few pics to hopefully tide you over until I type up the review. But I highly advise you to rush out to your Lancome counter now, and see if they still have more of these discontinued beauties!! Why does Lancome always have to discontinue the good stuff?

These were 28$ at last count, for 0.25 Oz or 7 grams.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Review: Dejavu Imju Fiberwig

So not to confuse people, Dejavu seems to be the name for Fiberwig used in Asia. It is the same thing as Imju Fiberwig, don't worry.

The name: Paint On False Lashes.
While the effect certainly is really nice, I don't think it's 'paint on false lashes'. When I think of false lashes, I think of long, lush, and lots of volume. Even though Fiberwig almost doubles my lash length, it doesn't do so great in the volume department. I would rec Fiberwig for someone whose looking for mostly length, as it would work really well then.

The packaging: I love that its in a red tube! It just seems so much prettier. The wand isn't too big either; just right. You get alot for your money, as its bigger than most other full size mascaras to me (the packaging doesn't list the weight). A+ for the packaging!

The Wand:
Borrowed with permission from piasucks2 at Makeupalley.com:
"Use the wand to brush up and out for lengthening, and hold the wand vertically if you need more volume. Once you do two coats, replace the wand back in the mascara, then take it out, bounce the mascara wand at the very edge of your lashes, and voila! Bounce the wand at the edge of your lashes twice and you will have more than DOUBLED your lash length. This mascara does NOT flake, (remember, these are fibres) smear, but can clump if you are not careful. The key is this - You have to be quick with your application, if you take forever the fibres will dry and when you apply the second coat it will stick to the other fibres."

I am so glad Pia wrote that review, because at first, I was using it like a regular mascara and it was horrible! This holds a curl for hours, for those curl-fanatics!

Bare eye:

As you can see, much better, but not 'false lashes' great! This is as close to Holy Grail as any mascara has come so far though, because of the length and easy-to-take off-ness!

Special Editions: As I recall, there were two versions released for Holiday 2008 (a sparkling navy and a sparkling black). Jojoba of Makeupreviews reviewed the special edition Black color and it didn't live up to her expectations. I wonder why? Also, that tube seems to be much larger than the original.

Taking it off! Nothing special required. Use warm water and just gently rub at your lashes and voila! Little black fibers come off. (Warning: Don't do this with any males in the vincinity. Those tough guys can't handle the sight of it!)

This is available at sephora.com for 21$, a total ripoff as it's on Sasa.com for 12$ (albeit under a different name; Dejavu). Also, in Asia's drugstores, it's also under Dejavu for 12$! What is Sephora playing at?!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Review: Lancome Freeze Frame Cream Blush

It seems to be Lancome Blush week over here! You'll see why soon. This particular blush is touted to be:

"Sensational effects cream blush. Smooth Hold."

And to:
"Design your cheeks with a creamy touch of color. Blendable. Lasting. Sensational Effects.

A beautifully blendable, silky cream blush that gives cheeks even, lasting color. Smooth and non-greasy, it glides onto cheeks softly and evenly. Perfect for all skin types. In 3 finishes: sheer, shimmer and riche."


Sounds great right? It is. But that didn't stop me from swapping Freeze Frame away. Why? Well, I'll tell you why.

Colour Design Blush is an Allure's choice (just thought I'd throw that out there.)
The texture is indeed, silky, blendable and a whole lot of good. It's not as thick as say, MAC cream blush, or as Lancome's own Magique mousse blushes (Now discontinued), or Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge. I like that it has alot more 'slip'; as it seems to blend so much more easily.

Smooth and Non-greasy? Check. Like I said before, this blush has alot of slip, and so is very smooth. Blushes with that quality tend to be more on the greasy side, but this one is not. So far, so good!

These blushes are very pigmented, but a light hand can let you get away with most of the colors, if you want to shell out 27$ for each one. Color Design blush comes in 11 colors, ranging from light pink to gold to red and plum, to mocha and what looks like dark rust. You can find any perfect shade for your skintone and preferences in the line.

Which brings me to another thing--price. I swear that last time I looked, these were only 23$. Why the sneaky price raises Lancome? And to 27$--almost as much as a Chanel lipstick! I don't think I could bring myself to purchase one cream blush for that much! (P.S. I had swapped for Freeze Frame in the first place!) Although, some time in the future, I probably will buy the Petticoat Pink color...you know how makeup addicts are!

Freeze Frame is indeed for use as a highlighter. The lady at the counter did tell me that it could be used as blush on super-pale complexions though, when I went to investigate some more. I'm not sure how well that would work as I don't have super pale skin and don't know anyone who does.

As a highlighter on NC20 MAC skin, it works really well. It adds sort of a luminescent shimmery glow--I couldn't tell you the color as I am horrible with color descriptions, and hope that your questions will be answered by the pics. They last very well on my combo-oily skin, but I just don't reach for highlighters! I must have about 7, and never use them! (This is the reason why Freeze Frame had to go).

The packaging is just OK. Sometimes it looks tacky to me; sometimes its just meh. You slide the clear cover back, like the Color Design eyeshadows, and voila, you can now use the blush. When you aren't using it, it locks securely shut.

All in all, another really great Lancome blush, and while Freeze Frame was not for my preferences, I might pick up some more later on.

Monday, February 23, 2009

PSA: MAC 226 brush coming back?

"I didn't ask her if they were coming back, I just asked if they had any BBR brushes left and she said they had the 165, but that the other two would be back in stock and would be perm. I'm inclined to believe, but that could just be my rose colored glasses. ;)"

(source), Petagirl and poesy at makeupalley.

I hope they all do, since I really regret missing out on the hot 226!

PSA: Shu Uemura Free Shipping

See the email here.

Free shipping on any order with code: Travel09!

Also, new cleansing oil travel kit that includes:

A/0, Fresh and Brightening (brightening is awesome!)

"*Note: This offer of free standard shipping is valid through 11:59PM ET on February 23rd, 2009 on any order placed online at shuuemura-usa.com. Customers must be signed and enter TRAVEL09 at checkout to receive benefit."

Taken from source above.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NOTD: China Glaze Awaken

I got this some days ago, and (of course) wore it!

I used:
China Glaze Awaken (Romantique collection)
and on the middle fingers, ORLY Shine On Crazy Diamond top coats.

The second picture seems to be more accurate colorwise!

Monday, February 16, 2009

EOTD: Bronzey Taupe

I just did a very quick EOTD with this one, just took a large fluffy brush and brushed color on, and then lined my eyes.

I used:
Shu ME850 eyeshadow
MAC Magnetic Fields (very little, near lashline)
Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink
used TheBalm eyeliner brush for the eyeliner.

Review: Kanebo KATE Dual Carat

Last year, when I took a month long trip to Taiwan, I went on a drugstore product binge. Kanebo KATE's eye shadow palettes were not excluded, and I happily picked up Dual Carat in PU-1. Based on reviews from other sites, this was supposed to be a great eyeshadow for roughly 10USD.

Is it that hot? Do you need it *now*?

Well....not so much. No. Definitely not.

Lets start off on a good note. The packaging is definetly very pretty--simplistic, sleek in design. My favorite part is that the clear plastic part is faceted, so when the light hits it, it looks like a true gem. Here's a good picture:

See what I mean? Also, here is the back:

I don't know what all that Japanese says but I find it nice that on the box (not pictured, long since tossed out) there is a diagram that tells you to use the darker shade nearer to your lashline, and the lighter shade as an all over shade.

Now, on to texture. I don't know what went wrong Kanebo! While this doesn't crease on me (over UDPP), and the texture is amazingly silky, soft, and blendable, it's chalky on me.


All that gorgeous shimmer, deep purple goodness and icy blue of Duo Carat PU-1?


It looks so horrible on me, and I doubt it's the colors' fault. Its the formula! Even seeing how great it looks swatched on my hand (and 'great' here is an understatement, you can see how its only semi-pigmented and prone to dull color), on my eyelids, its a great big fat yuck.

But if chalky dull eyeshadow floats your boat, Dual Carat comes in 7 different colors including blues, blacks, browns, bright hot pink, golds, and creams. Available for 17$ at Ichibankao.com.

Review: Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing

This mascara is the one from Fall 2008, and would be the newest MJMJ Mascara if they didn't launch a Neo Expander Frame Plus this spring. It's the first non-fibre Majolica Majorca mascara that they've launched as well.

Retailing for about 9USD, I'd waited with high hopes for this one. The Lash Expander Neo had been OK, doing a better job of lengthening than volumizing as it then gave me clumped up lashes. So when I received this, I immediately chucked the Neo in the bin as it was impossible to get off.

In comparision to the Neo, it's vastly different. Firstly, the Neo has a comb applicator, while Lash Gorgeous Wing (LGW) has a regular, 'old school' spoolie wand.

And with a different wand comes a different application technique. While with Neo I had to keep 'combing' my lashes with the wand, I apply LGW the 'normal' way. Unfortunately.....It doesn't do much. It's the most natural mascara ever. Well, that would be OK for natural days, I thought. I kept layering...and layering...

My lashes just looked like normal, with maybe a tiny bit of definition. I didn't even bother taking a picture of *that*. But, over the Majolica Majorca Lash Base with a white cap and tube, its a whole different story.

Bare lashes:

Curled, With Base, With LGW:

As you can see, it is definetly better with the base. Application using base:
1. Curl Lashes.
2. Comb base over lashes, one or two coats.
3. Without letting the base dry, wiggle LGW's wand up and out through lashes.

Voila! It was pretty fancy this way. And the curl did hold up well through a 12-hour day! Bonus points.
Although, it is quite the hassle. I only bother to wear this mascara (because it only works with this application) when I have the time. On weekdays, I much prefer Imju Fiberwig (review coming soon!)

I think the main focus of this mascara was more for length than volume. As you can see from the pictures, there's more length than volume anyways--so if they were going for volume they should tweak the formula. I don't mind though, since I prefer length over volume.

This mascara is housed, like the other MJMJ mascaras, in a black tube, with gold / bronze patterns on it. I really like that they make the effort to have it look pretty, (Cough Maybelline) and the wand isn't hard to hold at all (COUGH Lash Blast!) while you apply. I also have to note that the first time I pulled the wand out, I thought there was nothing in the tube! It really is a dry mascara.

Now, the part that I was praying would be easy: The removal!
Well ladies (and gentlemen?), it's really easy to take off! Sigh of relief! I just rub Shu cleansing oil, keep rubbing, and little by little add water until its gone. MUCH better than Neo!

All in all, if you are willing to go the distance and use this over a base, it's for you. Or, if you've been looking for the most natural mascara ever, this is also for you. Me, on the other hand, I'll use it up faithfully, but won't repurchase.



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