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Friday, February 27, 2009

Cosmetics Company Store: Report! ALSO, 15% off Sephora!

For Aurora, Chicago Premium Outlets IL CCO

Trip 5 palette –french grey, carbon, lighter silver, freckletone and something else
Green tea cleanser
Shave cream 8$
Charged water – 2-3 varieties—pink, blue
Neo Sci Fi l/s, brown and beige i think
Copperplate e/s
2 eyeshadows from the Couture collex—with those pearl things all over them
2 cream color bases from the Nordies exclusive collex last year
2 l/s from Nordies exclusive collex last year
Flash-N-dash (fafi,), squeeze it (fafi)
Otherwordly, delft, rollickin, mosscape, quite natural, 2-3 other paint pots/fluidlines
Paints- beige, chartreuse
2 mineralize satinfinish liquid foundations
lots of lashes
sweet sienna, jewelmarine, qire-de-blue, tea time, gold stroke, circa plum pigments, 2-3 others\
Cool heat, warm chill, pen n pink, signed, sealed, the dark purple mattene, clarity, flourishing,
Dreammaker, Go, Bold & Brazen, Mink & Sable, Lotusland starflash shadows
ALL neo sci fi eyeshadows, both their blushes, Serenely blush and another one
Hey Sailor, ensign lustreglasses,
All Neo Sci Fi lipglosses except pink grapefruit
Blue dazzleglass
Pretty much all the sculpt / shape duos, no more light flush MSF
Lots of n/p—Naughty Nauticals, creamsheen peach one, red, wildfire, white
Purple and blue cream shadows—the creasy ones
Warm, Cool, Smokey holiday palettes (this year)
1 lip set from Antiquitease—peachy pinks
2 fafi dolls—the red haired and brown one
5 strobe lip balms (white packaging)
Flowerplay lipstick, Real Desire, Desire lipglosses
2 3D lip glosses

Shimmering nudes (35$)
Lip basic palete
Rockstar palette trio
Eye basic palette
Mauve and raspberry face palettes
Bronze and tawny shimmerbrick palettes
Pink / tawny blush duo
2 other pinky blushes
Ivy shimmer gel liner, black ink gel liner
2 matte lip stains
Cocoa mauve set
A bronzer / lipstick set, in gold packaging
Lip balm, face balm

Cool and Warm holiday sets (not sure what years)
Purple, grey, green, 2 other gel liners
5-6 cream shadows
10 or so lipglosses

Lancome CCO report:
sparkling grey duo, lots of eyeshadow duos--sparkling black, green, etc
Subtle Fluff, peach melba, feminine rose, mocha something mousse blush
Set of 4 GA lipsticks
Aplum Miel Glace and Cappucine blushes
lots of GWP sets
2 sets of 8 each shadows--had these a few years ago, great quality
Shu 14 pony brushes
Pink bloom (shu) l/s--2-3 more pinky ones
light pastel blue and salmon eyeshadows
3 for 15 Lancome np--bright pink, orange and yellowy sparkles

I ended up getting just Magnetic Fields :)

PSA: 15% off Sephora--Everything!

Good through March 7th, the code is J89LM, USA orders only (Sorry Canadian fans!) "Your next order!" (one time use I suspect). Also, Free shipping ovr 50$!


  1. Whoa i'm impressed how much you remembered! I remember trying to do that the one time I visited a CCO and it was impossible :P

    Great self control though :) I may get the chance to stop by the Niagara one this weekend, I really hope they have good stuff!

    How much were the Couture shadows? I always wondered where those collections go (the higher priced ones). It would be awesome to get HK Kouture compacts at CCOs next year...lol

  2. Hey! No idea how I remember all if it :)

    Thanks! I have my eye on Sparkling Grey duo, and *maybe* cool heat eyeshadow!

    Vibes that they have good stock!

    Actually I'm not sure--there wasn't a price tag and I didn't ask. I agree on the HK Kouture--that would be so cool!

  3. there must be a computer chip in your brain!!! I am impressed!

    and i want a CCO!

  4. Hi Jojoba! Haha, visual memory :) Next time I go there I'm DEFINETLY hauling lots!!!

  5. oh wow...your cco have so much stuff that i need =) too bad they do not have the sweet sienna and tea time pigment here!

  6. Hi Petitte Poupee! Haha, come and visit Chicago! (except not the city itself--10.25% sales tax!) Aww, those should be easy to swap for though :)


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