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Monday, February 2, 2009

PSA: Youtube Makeup Kid Response

The new outrageous thing that's sweeping makeup communities. I thought I'd chip in my two cents, and those who are thoroughly sick of Georgiahuni (I admit I am too, this is the last I'll talk about her) can just skip this post.

Georgiahuni is a youtuber (former, youtuber, her account is suspended now) who acts freaky in her videos, is careless about her own safety and is about ten years old.

Even though I wore makeup at her age, I have accounts on various makeup sites, I am totally against Georgiahuni's videos.

It would be better if she seemed more aware of internet safety, didn't try to act sexy and all grown up, because it just doesn't work. In some of her videos, she's wearing a school uniform with the schools name clearly emblazoned, which is DEFINITELY not safe! She also posts her full name, and its kind of obvious she's lying about her age as 13 year olds don't act like that, whatever everyone else may say.

The whole thing about the her parents is that they may know but not care. People are trying to get her to be safe, stop wearing school uniforms, acting like she's on drugs in her videos (some of those noises are just not normal). They might not care that she wears makeup (that is totally beside the outraged point), but they obviously aren't educating her on the dangers on the internet, which is why everyone is howling for their blood.

Someone's retaliation video ("For the haters of georgiahuni") was about stalkers, and that no one should make videos on the internet because of stalkers. Because of her age, it's not just stalkers, its pedophiles. In her videos, she shows her whole face, her room, etc cetara. It's not simply not safe. In addition to just that, people have posted on her page creepy stuff, which should totally have opened her eyes to the danger but it didn't. There were comments like "do more of those sexy dances!" and "Wiggle your toes please, right in front of the camera", and if those aren't pedophile like, tell me what is.

I think that her video didn't exactly hit on why the makeup community is in uproar over her videos. But obviously there's so many opinions going on, I just tried to collect the most repeated ones. And I'm just voicing them out loud.

And because that was such a useless post, I'll be following it up with a nice long review on Kanebo Kate Glamtrick Eyes quints.

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