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Friday, August 29, 2008

Obsession: Shiseido Majolica Majorca Majolooks!

And another one! This is also by the Japanese drugstore brand Majolica Majorca under Shiseido. They do eyeshadow wonderfully! Among their palettes are the original Majolook, Line impact and trick on. The differences:

Original Majolook: Has one cream highlighting shade at the top-white with golden sparkle. Pretty useless as it creases...there are also 3 shades of powder eyeshadow below it.

Line Impact: Total disapointment! I had 2 and gave away one! Like the set up of the original Majolooks, at the top there is a cream product (liner) and below it, 3 powder eyeshadows. Liner fail.

Trick On: The new series of shadows that are great! I'm so glad MJMJ decided to forgo the cream product, since it's never much use. 4 powder eyeshadows arranged rather geometrically.

This stuff is awesome! It lasts on top of a base, has beautiful colors and are shimmery! Combine that with awesome princessy packaging, what more could a girl want?

Retails on adambeauty.com for about 13USD. Of course, it'd be cheaper in Hong Kong, Japan or Taiwan, so for those with friends/family visiting, it is a great oppurtunity to pick some of these up!

Obsession: Shiseido Majolica Majorca Shadow Customize!

Welcome to another round of 'Obsession'! This time, it's also eyeshadow; Majolica Majorca shadows. The name refers to the fact that there are palettes (a small, fits 4, and big, fits 6) that can hold the shadows once depotted. Unfortunately, these are DC'ed!

These babies are beautifully pigmented and soft, and come in an array of colors! Complete with beautiful packaging, this really is one brand worth lusting over. Yum!! Available at adambeauty.com under the label Shiseido for Hong Kong 43$, which is about 5.50 USD.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Haul: MAC and Sephora!

I got:
Guerlain Loose Kohl Noir 1 (35$ with tax, at Sephora)
MAC Lightly Ripe (14.50)
MAC Mauvement (19.50)
and a sample of Heritage Rouge pigment

Top is MAC Party Mate (Naughty Nauticals May collection)
Bottom is MAC Lightly Ripe, (August Cult of Cherry collection)

Hope that helps someone!

Review: MAC Pigments

As most of us know, MAC has a popular product called Pigments. They are essentially loose powders that you can use anywhere, depending on the color. Like the name, they are extremely pigmented. These retail for 19.50 at MAC stores everywhere. However, MAC counters do not carry pigments unless they are a release.

What MAC says about pigments:
"Shadow: Pigment
Pigment is a highly concentrated loose colour powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin. Pigment comes in an excellent range of colours. Use to create a subtle wash of colour or an intense effect. Pigment does not streak or cake, is easy to blend and long-lasting. Please note: Pigments are sold by weight not volume. Containers can appear to be less than full due to settling of the product.
7.5g / 0.26 oz
US$19.50 "
(--taken from the maccosmetics.com site)

Texture: These range from chunky(best for pressing in my experience) and very finely miled. The new Overrich ones, released August 21st 2008 are exceptionally creamy.

Finishes: These come in shimmery or matte finishes. The shimmery ones tend to have a better texture.

Colors: These come in an array of colors, not even mentioning Pro (or usually for makeup artists) colors and the limited edition ones!

Note: While you look at the jar and say, 'I spent 20 bucks for this tiny thing?!' you actually use such a tiny bit, your grandkids will probably be able to use them. OK, well maybe that's an exaggeration, but they're so pigmented there's no need to use a lot.

Pressing Pigments: Loads of people avoid pigments because they are loose, and therefore messy. However, you can buy empty pans (26mm from starsmakeuphaven.com), add rubbing alcohol and 'press' the colors into pans of pressed eyeshadow. Here is a good tutorial:

Fallout: Of course, loose piggies will have fallout (even some pressed shadows do!) If you hate the extra steps in cleaning, I'd steer away.

Colors I own:

Steel Blue: A lovely dark blue (almost greenish) with gold shimmer. Amazing! A PRO color. Finely milled.

Your Ladyship: Light cream with gold and pink pearl. LE with 2007 November's Antiquitease. Slightly chunky.

Mauvement: Released July 2007 in Rushmetal and re-released August 21st 2008 with Overrich, this is a cool taupe (leaning brown) with gold shimmer. Awesome texture.

Gold Stroke: A rich chocolatey brown. With some red in it however. Great texture! LE with November 2007's Antiquitease.

Mutiny: Clear sky blue with silver shimmer. MAC had huge quality issues with this one however. Very finely milled. LE with the MAY 2008 Naughty Nautical's collection.

Lovely Lily: Lilac with red pearl, absolutely beautiful! Great texture as well. LE with the MAY 2008 Naughty Nautical's collection.

Sweet Sienna: LE with November 2007's Antiquitease. A dirty taupe with pink and gold pearl, absolutely beautiful. Slightly chunky, like the other piggies of that release.

Softwash Grey: LE Asia exclusive with the 2007 Lightful collection. Blued gray with blue duochrome, beautiful! Has a nice texture as well.

Apricot Pink: Peached pink, but oh so pretty!! It was LE with the March Sweetie Cakes collection in 2006. Texture is like Steel Blue's.

Helium: LE with the Summer 2007 Baloonacy collection and repromoted with 2007 Holiday Originals collection, it has an odd texture imo. Its fine, but has little balls (finely milled balls :X) of pigment. Color is beautiful though, a pale pink that flashes pink and purple.

Golden Lemon: How I love this bright, clean yellow! It's such a sunny, tropical color. One of my favs! The texture is a little chunky, due to the shimmer.

Golden Olive: Just like the name. Another one of my faves, so pretty! Texture is like Golden Lemon's, a little chunky.

Dark Soul: Now this is an odd piggy. I noticed that out of all the pigments I own, this is the only one that doesn't 'stick' to the wall of the jar. Hmm. A dark black with silver sparkles, may stain your eyelid. Great for girls who love smokey eyes.

Heritage Rouge: ZOMG. A burnt red brown, it's one of the shades going PRO in the August 21st 2008 collection (all except Mauvement and Mega Rich). Controversy has arisen due to the fact that all except Mauvement and Mega Rich are only 4.3 grams instead of 7.5. I love this color, and great for fall too!

Shimmertime: A soft pink, with slight peach undertones and silver shine. Texture is finely milled. LE from She Shines in June 2006.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

FOTD: Green Smokey Eyes

Hi everyone! So I was bored today and decided to use one of my most neglected eyeshadows, Mac Humid, as the star in an FOTD (Face of the Day). Enjoy, and thanks for looking!
Please excuse the weird expressions lol.
What I used:

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Neo BK999
Majolica Majorca Lash primer
KATE Gel liner BK-3
Integrate Pencil Eyes BK981
Lancome Erika F as highlight-ish
MAC Humid all over lid
MAC Smoke & Diamonds crease
(Humid and S&D also on lower lash line)

RMK Make Up Base
RMK Liquid Foundation 102
MAC hipness (lightly)

Aquafina clear lip oil

CC welcome! Thanks for looking!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obsession: Blue Eyeshadow!

Well, since I'm currently sorting my stash, I found several blue eyeshadows and decided to start another little series entitled 'Obsession'! Here they are:

LE 2008 Lavshuca Summer Gradually Palette in Aqua Beach
Majolica Majorca Majolook in BL763
Majolica Majorca single eyeshadow in BL724
MAC Pigments in Mutiny(LE, May 2008 Naughty Mauticals) and Steel Blue (PRO)
MAC for A-mei Bold Eyes e/s trio (includes Venus, Freshwater and Carbon)
KATE Gradical Compact in BU4

Hope you liked this 'Obsession' and look forward to more!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Review: Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Neo

This is the 'same but better' version of Majolica Majorca's hit Lash Expander mascara. Is it worth the hype? Well, you'll find out.

Wear: This has a five star rating from me on this. Lasted a whole day in hot sweaty Chicago, 2 days (could not even BEGIN to take this off!), a long hot shower, Shu Uemura cleansing oil and Lancome Gel Clarte. So, how exactly do I take this off? See next :]

How to take this off: First, I rub shu’s cleansing oil really well through my lashes for a few minutes. Then, I gradually add water until I wash it off. After that, I use Lancome bi-facils, then their Gel Clarte cleanser. After I finish with the cleanser, I do another swipe of bi-facils just in case and finish with regular face wash. This stuff is long wearing!

What I use to remove this/UDPP size comparision:

Color: BK999, a dark inky black, a great colored black. Not glossy though.

Curl: Holds a curl really well, especially when used in conjunction with their curl enhancing primer.

Volume: Doesn’t do much for volume, just a little bit. If you’re looking for a volumizing mascara, I can tell you to look somewhere else.

Lengthening: This lengthens noticeably in two coats. Great for this, and while you’re combing out clumps it lengthens even more!

Brush: Comb-style brush, my first one. At first, I thought it was a little clumpy because the formula would get between the combs and get onto the lashes but it is easily dealt with. I find my second eye is much easier to get rid of clumps (I get rid of them by combing through with the brush more) since most of the build-up between bristles has transferred onto the other eye.

Notes: This made me lose a few lashes in the process of removal. Would I repurchase? No. Between the slight clumping and pain in the butt removal process, it’s too much. On the Mascara Rating spectrum, this rates a 3.5/5. Not so bad for a 3, but not nice enough for a 4.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Shoes: Recent Aquirements!

So even though I've been mostly concentrating on makeup--well, this IS my notepad for everything and anything!!

Medona: Black flats I've been looking for for awhile. 50% off! Clearanced and couldn't find my size, so went a size up.

Burberry: Wedges! Very nautical. Also white heels--very British in my opinion. Love both! 2 for 29.99 (it was at an outlet).

Wet Seal: Wedges, again. They look like my Medona flats, but the wedge is kinda thin. Love them! Again, on sale so picked them up for 10.50$.

What have you picked up lately fashion wise?

Review: Sony B&C Labs CP Balms

Made by Sony (yep, the computer company!) B&C Labs in Japan, these are fruit scented balms in cute containers. These retail for about 6-7USD, available at ichibankao.com or in various Asian markets around you.

The novelty: Of course, fruit flavored balms are nothing new. But the containers are so cute! And so, the craze began.

The flavors: Peach, Apple, Orange, Pear and Strawberry. I have Peach, Apple and Orange. I also had the chance to get strawberry but I was skeptical that it was by Sony because it is much smaller.
Apple: The original. Not really appley, more of the skin if you know what I mean.
Peach: Doesn't actually smell like peach, more of a very sweet candy. My favorite out of all!
Orange: Again, doesn't really smell like orange. Pretty artificial really. My least favorite.

Size: It doesn't say the size on the pots, but they fit comfortably in the palm of my hand.

How are they? Well, as balms, they could do better. I will be the first to admit that there are cheaper, better lip balms out there. It sits on your lips for a little, then sinks in and you never see it again. I definetly WOULDN'T recommend using this at night--in the morning, your lips will be a little dry.

Would I repurchase? Yes!! If not to use as a night balm, as a day one so I can reapply as needed.

Also as part of this line: Hand creams in all flavors (I am not sure about pear or strawberry), and I managed to get my hands on an Apple one. Review coming up soon!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

NEW: From Shu Uemura!

(picture taken from shuuemura-usa.com)
This is the winter version of their super popular Face Architect liquid. It actually came out first in Asia last winter! It comes in an array of 10 colors, has SPF 10 and retails 45$.

What shu says:
"Create a perfect canvas for flawless makeup.

Formulated with unique ingredients, this creamy foundation is designed to remodel and revitalize the complexion of the skin. A protective formula shields skin against UVA/B rays. Jasmine extract adds anti-oxidant benefits to help maintain a youthful glow. High concentration of Depsea water allows for smooth application and leaves skin feeling hydrated and fresh. The semi-matte texture with a natural sheen creates a sophisticated look for medium to full coverage.

For optimal application use with Foundation Brush Natural Goat 18."
(taken from shuuemura-usa.com)

And for those who are wanting to try it: Free shipping code (August08).

Friday, August 15, 2008

Review: Shu Uemura Powder Blushes (Glow Ons)

(No idea what shade this is as the site doesn't say. taken from shuuemura-usa.com)
Product information:
What shu says about their glow on blushes:
"A variation of colors to enhance the natural glow of the cheeks. Available in pearl and matte shades."
(--taken from the shuuemura-usa site)
So the product is called glow on to enhance our natural glow. Interesting! The pan for a blush is double that of their eyeshadow, and weighs in at 5g, 0.17 oz.

(Shades pictured are: ME beige 800 eyeshadow and P Wine 29 blush)
Formulas: Unlike their shadows, Shu blushes only have two formulas: M (Matte) and P (Pearl). Matte blushes are without shimmer, Pearl blushes do have shimmer. However, for those who are shimmer-shy, it translates to a glow on your face. I love shu blushes for doing that!

Naming: Since there are only two formulas, this is easier than their shadows; it's only one or the other. Basically, the numbers go from:
20-under: Miscellaneous (Usually LE blushes go here). Includes a purple and red blush.
20s: Wines
30s: Pinks
40s: Peaches
50s: Oranges
60s: Only one, a Brick.
70s: Browns
80s: Ambers
90s: Highlighting shades (gold, silver).

The rule for eyeshadows also applies to blush: the higher the number, the darker it is. So, P Peach 47 would be darker than P Peach 40.

To avoid confusion, here it is:
P: In the Pearl formula.
Peach: The color.
47: Of medium darkness.

Depotting/Packaging: Like the eyeshadows, there are two holes on the back in which you can poke through using a toothpick or pen to lift the pans out and pop into a palette. Again, I wish shu could magnetize their palettes/blushes and eyeshadows since reusing glue is rather nasty. The packaging of the blushes was recently revamped as well, to become more streamlined and close more securely. However...I've knicked blushes of both packaging.

Old/New Packaging:

Colors: Comes in an array of 37 colors in two finishes. I own the following:

P Gold 93D: One of the highlighter shades, it's a warm buttery gold. I'd recommend this one to warmer skintones. Gives a great glow!

Harmonious Orange: Limited Edition for Spring 2008. I actually had wanted to get Tranquil Pink, but they sent me the wrong one :X. It's a burnt, dusty orange. The design in it is almost faded after two uses as well. This is matte.

P Wine 29: Definetly a wine, comparable to MAC's Breath of Plum but redder. Gorgeous shade.

Lastly, P Peach 47: A true peach, no pink in it. Very pigmented! My first shu blush.

P Peach 40: I used to have this but swapped it away as I already have P47, which shows up better on me. This one was much lighter than P Peach 47, which I'd recommend for paler ladies.


Price: 21$ for one, which is 4$ cheaper than NARS blushes which are often compared to Glow Ons. Great value, since a swipe will do you.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Review: Shu Uemura Powder Eye Shadows

(Pictured shade is ME Blue 650)
Shu Uemura eyeshadows were recently reformulated into the 'new' version. In the old version, only the ME(metallic formula) shadows were good. However, now, in my opinion, they're all good.

What shu says about their shadows:
"Empowered Eyes: Intense Colors. Various Effects. Single eye shadows with light-capturing powders in 4 different lasting effects.

- Micro-fine powders: 2 different shapes adhere firmly to skin for an even, long-lasting finish
- Silicone-coated powder: results in truest color pay-off and a non-fading finish
- Light capturing powders: absorb and reflect light for a multi-dimensional finish
- Apply sheer or layer for intensity. May be used as eye liner with dampened eye liner brush

4 powders in 4 finishes: Matte (M), Pearl (P), Iridescent (IR) and Metallic (ME)." (taken from the Shuuemura-usa site).

First, the shu uemura way of naming. Only Limited Edition items are properly named. Normally you will see a name such as 'P Green 450'. The first letter, P, is for the formula. They have already explained this above what the first letter means. The 'Green' would be the color; this is usually left out in discussion. The numbers at the back are sorted by colors.
So, 100 = Pinks & Rose
200 = Oranges
300 = Yellows, Gold & Bronze
400 = Yellow-Green, Olive & Green
500 = Green & Turquoise
600 = Blue
700 = Purple
800 = Beige & Brown
900 = 'Rainbow'(the whites that flash iridescently), White, Gray, Silver, Charcoal & Black.
Basically, within the 100, the higher the number the darker the color is. So 'M Blue 600' is one of the lightest blues while 'ME Blue 650' is quite darker.
Sometimes you will see a letter, such as 'IR900Y'. The Y will usually not stand for anything, but when shu has several 'IR900's, Y stands for yellow, the undertone. Other IR900s include G(green), P (pink) and V (violet).

So, in all, the naming of IR Rainbow 900Y:
IR--Iridescent formula
Rainbow: It flashes more than one color
900Y: The lightest color within the 900 family, and Y for the yellow undertone.

Formula Differences: Matte is no shimmer, like many of you know. Pearl has no shimmer as well; it's more of a gleam. Iridescent is the shiniest and has lots of shimmer (may also flash different colors) and Metallic is the next most shimmery (same color flash).

Packaging/depotting: Many people complain that shu's packaging is ugly. In my opinion, they're simple and sleek, very futureistic. They are built for depotting into seperate palettes that shu sells. To depot, poke a toothpick or pen through a hole on the upper left hand side, next to where it says the shadow name. The following picture illustrates that.

And...one of the reasons shu should have magnets on the back of their shadows/in their palettes. Ewww glue...

Texture of these are all AMAZING. Remember MAC Starflash and the buzz it caused? THEY RIPPED OFF SHU! Texture is soo similar, buttery and soo pigmented. A definite thumbs up!

Colors: Shu rivals MAC in the sheer amount of colors. If you're looking for neutrals, brights or anything in between, shu has it. The colors I have personally are:

ME Beige 800: Super pale champagne pink. Pretty icy and I would think for cooler skin.

ME Purple 700: Slightly cool candy grape. Very pretty purple. Purple ladies, this one's for you!

ME 885: This is the only shadow I have from the old formula, given to me by an awesome MUA'er. A rich bordeuax wine shade, perfect for Fall 2008 trends.

IR Brown 850: Lots of people ask me what's the difference between this and ME brown 850 (best dupe of the long DC'ed cult item ME945). This is definetly more silvery as a silvery gunmetal brown (it's also a great substitute for MAC starflash shadow Smoke & Diamonds). Recommended for taupe lovers.

ME Brown 850: The best dupe for the old formula ME945, it's warmer than it's sister IR Brown 850 but still a taupe. Also recommended for taupe lovers.

IR White 900Y: This is a white shade that flashes gold and golden green strongly. Great shade to pair with greens.

P Green 450: A mid-tone grass green. It's perfect for green lovers, especially paired with IR900Y.

IR Pristine Green: Limited Edition for Spring 2008 in the Rebirth collection, this is more 'matte' despite it's Iridescent label. The design on it quickly fades. A nice pop of lime green for bright fans.

ME Green 450: Don't get this confused with P Green 450! This is an olive green, quite different from P450. There seems to be more brown in it than other olives (such as MAC Sumptuous Olive or Mink & Sable).

ME Blue 650: A beautiful metallic navy blue, I highly recommend this one. It's a deep shade, no doubt, but very 'bright'.


These retail 20USD a pop at shu uemura boutiques or counters near you (go to shuuemura-usa.com's store locator) or online at shuuemura-usa.com. Completely worth the price because a little goes a long way.

Lots of thanks to CarolineSwing of Makeupalley for informing me on Shu's numbering :]



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