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Monday, August 11, 2008

Hello Kitty for MAC??!?

Link to original story:

The gals over at New York Magazine have called MAC to ask if this is true, and they would neither confirm or deny.

"Excuse us while we delve into some total rumormongering for a moment: We've been hearing that Hello Kitty would be launching a limited-edition makeup collection with M.A.C in 2009, so, unable to take the whispers any longer, we broke down and finally made some phone calls. And? A M.A.C representative would neither confirm nor deny the deal. Huh! If our fluency in flack-ese is as solid as we think it is, this sounds like the classic non-denial denial — so, you know. Assuming this isn't just a figment of our hallucinations, the collaboration could mean big profits, especially considering the cartoon feline's die-hard groupies and M.A.C's loyal legions. Plus, M.A.C's past limited-edition lines like Fafi and Heatherette have sold out fast, and an Emanuel Ungaro collection is dropping in October — so a cartoon-collab color line could be a surefire addition to their list of hot-ticket collections, especially for fans of Japan's cute kawaii culture. If this is the real deal and not just our beauty-obsessed speculation, would you buy the stuff? We're imagining lots of pinks…"
(--taken from the above link, http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2008/08/is_mac_releasing_a_hello_kitty.html ).

A Hello Kitty collaboration would be awesome!! I'm not such a cult fan of HK, but I am for MAC! I think one or two select pieces would be enough for me. A Harry Potter colloboration, however...See more details on my made up collection soon!

The specktra discussion link for Hello Kitty:

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