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Monday, August 11, 2008

My Imaginary MAC Collection

Inspired by Harry Potter, this was from about 2 months back. What would you buy?
Slytherin: Emerald green with fine silver shimmer
Gryffindor: Scarlet with fine gold shimmer
Ravenclaw: Bronze with blue duochrome
Hufflepuff: Black that flashes gold

McGonagall: Mid-tone mauve with fine white shimmer
Hermione: baby pink with light pink shimmer
Pansy: deep red with gold shimmer
Cho: mid-warm pink with gold and silver shimmer

Voldemort: Deep purple-red that flashes purpley-blue
Dumbledore: Light pinky-brown nude
Harry: Midtone blue-pink
Ron: Bold orange-red with gold shimmer

Avada Kedavra: Bright lime green
Incendio: Red bronze with orange duochrome
Wingardium Leviosa (sp?!): white that flashes green and gold
Expelliarmus (sp?) Soft gold with shimmer
Accio: Dark teal based black with teal shimmer
Alohomora: Dark bronze

Kohl Power:
Flitwick: Black with bright turquoise shimmer
Snape: Black with bright emerald green shimmer
Umbridge: Black with bright purple shimmer

Duo MSF eyeshadows:
Hedwig: light dove grey and darker charcoal with gold and green veining
Crookshanks: cool taupe and darker taupey brown with silver and purple veining
Scabbers: light warm peach tinged gold and darker gold bronze with blue and yellow veining
Prongs: clean yellow and dark golden brown with olive and purple veins
Padfoot: mid tone teal with deep navy and silver/gold veins

Polyjuice: dark black-brown with silver shimmer
Sleeping: Spiky bright purple
Felix Felicious: Bright clean green/blue

Unicorn: Light baby pink with subtle silver shimmer
Hippogriff: medium warm pink
Thestral: Mid-tone bronzed tawny

Had fun doing it! Some of the names don't relate to the color however...
Thanks for looking

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