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Friday, August 15, 2008

Review: Shu Uemura Powder Blushes (Glow Ons)

(No idea what shade this is as the site doesn't say. taken from shuuemura-usa.com)
Product information:
What shu says about their glow on blushes:
"A variation of colors to enhance the natural glow of the cheeks. Available in pearl and matte shades."
(--taken from the shuuemura-usa site)
So the product is called glow on to enhance our natural glow. Interesting! The pan for a blush is double that of their eyeshadow, and weighs in at 5g, 0.17 oz.

(Shades pictured are: ME beige 800 eyeshadow and P Wine 29 blush)
Formulas: Unlike their shadows, Shu blushes only have two formulas: M (Matte) and P (Pearl). Matte blushes are without shimmer, Pearl blushes do have shimmer. However, for those who are shimmer-shy, it translates to a glow on your face. I love shu blushes for doing that!

Naming: Since there are only two formulas, this is easier than their shadows; it's only one or the other. Basically, the numbers go from:
20-under: Miscellaneous (Usually LE blushes go here). Includes a purple and red blush.
20s: Wines
30s: Pinks
40s: Peaches
50s: Oranges
60s: Only one, a Brick.
70s: Browns
80s: Ambers
90s: Highlighting shades (gold, silver).

The rule for eyeshadows also applies to blush: the higher the number, the darker it is. So, P Peach 47 would be darker than P Peach 40.

To avoid confusion, here it is:
P: In the Pearl formula.
Peach: The color.
47: Of medium darkness.

Depotting/Packaging: Like the eyeshadows, there are two holes on the back in which you can poke through using a toothpick or pen to lift the pans out and pop into a palette. Again, I wish shu could magnetize their palettes/blushes and eyeshadows since reusing glue is rather nasty. The packaging of the blushes was recently revamped as well, to become more streamlined and close more securely. However...I've knicked blushes of both packaging.

Old/New Packaging:

Colors: Comes in an array of 37 colors in two finishes. I own the following:

P Gold 93D: One of the highlighter shades, it's a warm buttery gold. I'd recommend this one to warmer skintones. Gives a great glow!

Harmonious Orange: Limited Edition for Spring 2008. I actually had wanted to get Tranquil Pink, but they sent me the wrong one :X. It's a burnt, dusty orange. The design in it is almost faded after two uses as well. This is matte.

P Wine 29: Definetly a wine, comparable to MAC's Breath of Plum but redder. Gorgeous shade.

Lastly, P Peach 47: A true peach, no pink in it. Very pigmented! My first shu blush.

P Peach 40: I used to have this but swapped it away as I already have P47, which shows up better on me. This one was much lighter than P Peach 47, which I'd recommend for paler ladies.


Price: 21$ for one, which is 4$ cheaper than NARS blushes which are often compared to Glow Ons. Great value, since a swipe will do you.


  1. that looks like P Pink 30 but maybe a tad ligher to me.

    hey i am loving your reviews!and that P Gold 93 looks fabulous on you. it's how Chanel Fall JC Goldfever "tries" to create but not able. you gotta try it on lids too. I used to wear it like that!

    oh, you MUST check out P Gold 94 (another highlighter). I am lemminging that one ever since I saw it in Shu boutique the last time. can't erase it from my memeory!

  2. Hi Jojoba!! Thanks for leaving a comment :]

    Ooh yes I skipped P pink 30 since it's not true pink; there are some peach tones in it.

    Thanks!! Ooh, glad to hear that Chanel has a dupe in shu! I'll definetly try it on lids next!

    P94 looks awesome! I'll definetly look for it. He-he, can't forget it hmm? That's how MUA'ers are!


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