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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Review: Jill Stuart Lip Luster

The Jill Stuart line is produced by Kose in Japan, where it was sold there exclusively till March 2008, when two counters in nearby Taipei Taiwan were opened. It retails for about 26USD (rounding up), 800NTD and 2,800 Japanese yen for 7.6 ml, .24oz.

Lip Luster is touted as 'pure lip color with crystal sparkle'. It's pigmented and, indeed, very sparkly. The formula is nice and thick and feels good upon lips. However, due to the sparkliness, there are some small particles of glitter than you can feel once you rub your lips together long enough. Also, like all Jill Stuart products this is rose fragranced. It doesn't bother me, but is kind of strong but fades(or you get used to it) after about ten minutes.

The color I have (pictured below) is 08 sugar rose. It is indeed a rosy color, the shimmer golden bronze and with lots of small glitters scattered throughout.

Packaging for this, like all Jill Stuart products is beautiful and princessy. oming in a light pink box with a mirrored cap and lacy designs on it, it's gorgeous. It feels so luxe when you pull it out to apply :]

Available from ichibankao.com for 36.50USD (jacked up!) in an array of 21 permanent colors and 3 for Fall/Winter 2008. It's a great gloss, but honestly, is it worth the price tag? If I had to pay above 25$ for this I'd say forget it! However, I am neither a collector or big slurger on makeup. If you have the chance to pay retail (25$ for a department store gloss isn't too bad!) jump on it!

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