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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Review: Sinful Colors #349 Sweet Nothing.

Hi all! Today I've used a Sinful Colors nail polish--available for 1.99 at Walgreens! While I have a small stash of Sinfuls (who wouldn't, at that price?) I do have a few gripes with them.
But let's see the good points first shall we?

The brush is really nice on these polishes. You can saturate it with color, so that it can apply evenly over a wide nail, but small enough for more narrow nails. A+! I much prefer it over the ProWide brushes on the OPI polishes, as my nails are quite small.

However, OPI wins out in the pigmentation contest. Sinfuls are VERY sheer! Any one of them I have to use at least 3 coats to cover the white of my nail. I think that this color, a light baby pink with green flash, is supposed to be sheer however.

Which brings me to the color of this polish. Like I said before, it's a light peachy pink. It gives my nails a milky look to them, with an edge. In the light, there's a flash of green throughout the color, which is really cool! While you can't see it in these pictures, I think it's more visible in the brush one.

In those pictures, you probably can see an area at the edge of the nail where the color seems to be pushed up. Well, this is another thing I hate about the Sinful colors. They never seem to dry properly on me, and then normal wear and tear push the coats up from the edge of my nail and wack it all up. Dang, this was barely twenty minutes after I put my top coat on! However, the wear of these over a base coat and under a top coat is really good, 1 - 1/2 weeks.

All in all, a great bargain from 1.99 at Walgreens (and only available at Walgreens!).

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