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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Review: Kanebo KATE Glamtrick Eyes Quints

ImageSource (Ichibankao)

These are probably the only KATE palettes that drew my attention while in a Watsons drugstore in Taiwan last summer. And because of that, I picked up the shades BK1 (that I thought would give a great smokey eye) and GN1, because I was lacking a few green shades.

I think KATE designed these to give smokey eyes, because they all have the standard smokey eye depths:
Dark, liner / lashline color (the smallest square)
A highlighting shade (the universal white or tan square)
A silver (or other shade) glitter to pat above the all over lid shade
The lid shade, usually medium-dark depth
and another shade designed to use over the top part of the lid shade.
There is a diagram on how Kanebo wants you to apply it:

Available Colors:
BU-1: In addition with the silver and white shades that are in most of the GlamTrick eyes palettes, there is a dark navy with coarse sparkles, a medium bright, nicely pigmented sea-water blue, and then a light sky blue.
BK-1: Silver sparkle shadow (just sparkles pretty much), white highlighting shade, charcoal midtone grey, icy grey-ish lavendar and black with coarse sparkles.
BR-2: New for fall 2008, this has a silver-pink sparkle shade, a tan highlighting shade, medium redtoned brown, lighter tan brown, and black with coarse sparkles.
BR-1: This has a gold sparkle shade, white highlighting shade, cooler brown medium lid shade, lighter, more neutral brown and a dark coco brown with coarse sparkles.

BK-1 Swatches:

GN-1 Swatches:

The price? Around 10 USD, but available on Ichibankao.com for 19.50, because shipping is included in the price. Its a great price for 5 eyeshadows as that works out to about 2$ each! So A+ for that.

All of these shadows have great pigmentation, particularly the all over lid shade, but excluding the glitter shade. That shade was just meant to pat some glitter onto the lid, I think, not to add alot of color. They are not chalky, and are easily blended.

Packaging on these are really slick! It's this black plastic, and if you look at it from the side, only half of the opening lid is black! (I didn't take a picture of it, the other half is clear!) I like that the pans are arranged in a geometric pattern; it adds more 'cool' to the packaging for me.

The only thing stopping me from buying more of these? It creases. Even over Urban Decay Primer Potion, they crease. It's horrible because the color combinations are so pretty and perfect (especially BK-1!), but they crease. And even though I'm not THAT bothered by it (I have a monolid, no one can see it anyways!), and it gives a great 'rockstar, slept in my makeup look', I have to warn everyone who doesn't see it like that.

It really is a shame...Kanebo, if you're reading this, please reformulate GlamTrick Eyes so they don't crease!! Thank you!

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