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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Review: MAC Strawberry Blonde Lipglass

These two lipglasses are both from the MAC January 2009 Brunette Blonde Redhead collection. Strawberry Blonde is from the Blonde part of the collection, and Quick Tease is from the Brunette part of the collection. Honestly, I love the idea of colors inspired by hair colors, but these two items are the only things I aspired to actually buy.

Strawberry Blonde caused quite the stir when rumours of Brunette Blonde Redhead first surfaced—many thought it would be the return of the fabled Strawberry Blonde lipstick. But alas, no. However, I do still love this color!

It’s a reddish rosey color, and when you apply it, it brightens your face right up. It’s almost my lip but better, but…well, better than that! I really like this color, as MAC doesn’t seem to release similar ones often. However, a good dupe might be Rich and Ripe, from the August 2008 Cult of Cherry collection.

The texture is the same as any MAC lipglass—tacky, and thick. Personally I love this type of texture as it ensures that it lasts! And last it does, for at least 4 hours before I chew it off.

The pigmentation is also great—seems like this is the only one that is ‘normally’ pigmented in the BBR collection. The rest of the colors seem to be sheerer than normal—I can attest to this with Quick Tease (but that is another review).

Unfortunately, MAC didn’t release special packaging for Brunette Blonde Redhead—which is to be expected as they don’t do special packaging for every collection. It would have been nicer than the normal gunmetal grey though.

The wand included with lipglasses is the typical doefoot wand, which dispenses color evenly and well!

MAC lip products do have a faint vanilla scent that I love, but scent-phobias beware!

Note: Both of the lipglasses were slightly separated at the top, near the base of the wand when it was BRAND NEW. I don’t know why that is, but it’s not smelling off, so I assume it’s fine.



  1. Wait, so... did you not like Quick Tease? Just wondering, because I *LOVE* it - it's honestly my new favorite gloss!

  2. Ooh no--I *did* like Quick Tease! It's amazing! :D Sorry for the confusion!


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