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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Review: Majolica Majorca Jeweling Palettes

Ah, review long overdue! The Jeweling eye palettes came out the summer collection of this year, long ago in the makeup world! They come is a range of 5 shades for roughly 420NTD -- 13 USD.
I had been excited to hear of a new eyeshadow series from Majolica, but then was mostly disappointed to hear the initial reports of the powdery texture and the usual pastel like shades. However, I wanted to pick at least one palette up to see how it really was...and ended up getting another as well.

But anyways, the colors I ended up getting were SV887 and GD886. After swatching all of them I thought these two had the best texture and pigmentation, even if they are for a sheerer look.
SV887 contains a shimmery white, a cool, purpled light pink, a medium silver and a darker gray.
The texture of the white was okay, a little chunky, the pink a bit chalky, but the other two great.
GD886 contains a gold tinged shimmery white, a pale buttercup yellow, a deeper bronze and a darker greenish brown.

The texture of all of them are a bit powdery, not atypical of Japanese eyeshadows. It's a very 'meh' texture, one that usually sucks when used with a brush but applies better with sponge applicators. If you use these palettes with a brush, you will be so disappointed! You MUST use these with sponges!

I like the color combinations of these two. Not overwhelmingly creative, like the Trick On palettes are, but they are very pretty and idiot-proof [trust me ladies, I would know ;-)].

Overall, if you're looking for a more office-friendly soft shaded palette, these are for you! If not, steer clear and keep your 13$ safe!


  1. Where can you get these palettes for 13usd? lol A link would be great! :)

  2. Ah, thanks for the review. I hate sponge applicators so I will not be getting any of these.

  3. Hi marsbarsx3!! Actually I bought these retail in Taiwan :x! I think adambeauty.com is the cheapest reliable source right now though!

    Hi Catherine! No problem, steer clear if you hate the sponges!

  4. Hm. Im sure that there are ways to get a office look without buying these really really sheer colors. When i looked at your arm, i was like "omfg.. did she just take a pic of her arm?!". LOL =0=

  5. Hey Y! LOL! I agree, personally I don't think I'd have bought these if I knew they were that sheer. They're a bit buildable though, so that sort of balances it out!

  6. Hi! I nominated you for an award! Please go to my blog to accept it!

  7. Hey Y! :D Where can I view the award/nomination on your blog? I can't seem to find it! :)

  8. I have MM's eyeshadow too, they're good but the color's kinda boring... hope they'll come out with more interesting colors.


  9. Hi Alex! I agree exactly. Pretty but not that unique right? I can't wait to see their next collections!


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