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Monday, July 13, 2009

Swatches: Jill Stuart Stick Concealer

For those who want me to S-T-F-U about Jill Stuart already, it's OKAY! This is the last post, I swear! Until fall. And maybe their foundation. Perhaps blushes as well--haha just kidding ;-). Today, it's their Stick Concealer. I have to say this is very creamy! I think this is about 2 strokes for this level of pigment, and each stick retails for 840NTD/25USD. I don't know about the price for the amount you get, but if you only have discoloration or something and need a concealer for that, I'd rec looking into this!

The shades are all a little off for me personally, but I think I could use both 02 cinnamon [when I'm more tan], and 03 hazelnut [well blended]. Jill Stuart is definetly not a friendly brand for dark or more pink complexions :/

And there you have it! Jill Stuart Stick Concealer.


  1. Oooh. I've always been really confused by her only have 4 shades of concealer haha. Also... I would LOVE if you swatched her blushes! I am so incredibly tempted by them but I'm so afraid they won't show up on me at all. =/

  2. Hi Catherine! Thanks for visiting again! I actually did swatch the Mix Compact Blushes, but they were so sheer that the camera didn't pick it up :/ I will try to swatch the loose ones!

  3. Poop. The shades don't seem to suit me at all! And only 4 shades? =/

  4. Hi Y! I agree, only 4 shades? I suppose she seems justified in that in the Asian countries it's rare to have skintones out of that range but still, it would have been nicer to see a darker concealer and one with more pink! Thanks for visiting :)


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