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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Swatches: Jill Stuart Jelly Eyes N

[picture from ichibankao.com]

Hi everyone! I went to the biggest department store in Kaohsiung today; they have Jill Stuart! So I swatched their new Jelly Eyes, retails for 720NTD = about 21.8 USD. Their old ones, which come in very blah pastel colors, seem to retail for cheaper, 680 NTD = about 20.7USD. I know it's only a dollar, but 40NTD can get you lunch! I think they are phasing the old ones out, and the new ones do have some repeat colors from the old line.

These come beautifully packaged, but WARNING: They are GLITTERY! The pics speak for themselves, they are so glittery / frosty...[best seen in the pics on the darker colors]. They have an awesome bouncy jelly texture that seems to be firmer than the old version, but that's the only difference I can detect [apart from the packaging].

01 diamond snow: a beautiful true white. It's not a unique color but I was definetly tempted to get this!
02 gold light: seems just to be 01 tinted with yellowy gold. Again, not unique.
03 platinum satin: I really liked this color! It's a highlighter shade, like 01, & 02, but tinted rose.
04 mint sorbet: It's slightly darker and more green than the pics show, but it's a pastel that almost all Japanese brands come out with.
05 angelic glint: Lighter than 06 but darker and more true pink than 03.
06 berry sparkle: The 'real' slightly blue medium pink of this line.
07: jewel flash: True light purple.
08 crystal sky: I love this color--it's so unique! Reminds me of Circa Plum pigment from MAC, a silvered medium purple.
09: midnight shine: You rarely see this kind of beautiful navy with silver shim--glitter. It's so unique among cream shadows.
10: Vintage decor: A beautiful shade of taupe, identical to the old 19 amethyst mauve.


  1. they are all so pretty! thanks for the swatches

  2. Hi amynaree! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I love all the colors, good variety, and I may go back for midnight shine.

  3. Wow, so pretty! I especially love 08 and 10!

  4. Hi Catherine! Thanks for visiting again. 08 and 10 are gorgeous! Technically I have them both, as I have 19 in the old one which is the same as 10, and I hauled 08. Wondering if I should go back for 09..hmmm..:) They are so pretty, but glittery!

  5. Yay, 08, 09 and 10 are so beautiful and so unique! Love them! <3

  6. Hi Jess! I agree! They're the real stars of the line! Thanks so much for visiting the blog :)

  7. Having tried them, do you find the colour crease resistant? Also is there any fallout with the glitter / shimmer? Thanks :)

  8. Hi '*:.blu3.:*'! Thanks for visiting again! I only have tried the old one so far, there's a bit of fallout with the glitter but it's crease resistant :))

  9. Thanks for the swatches, now I know I need to have Vintage deco. It is so pretty!

  10. Hey Jacqueline! Vintage deco is one of the best colors in the line!


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