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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swatches: Jill Stuart Fall 2009

Hey guys, guess what? Yes, the title is correct, I've got swatches of Jill Stuart Fall! [Except for the mix blush because that would never show up in pictures. I think I will try to take a picture this weekend of the display!] And it seems that everything is permanent!

Check it out! I really liked the new Seductive Eyes palette, [1450 NTD which is about 44USD] even though it might seem similar to Jill Stuart's other palettes because of the pink, but I like it. I won't be picking it up though because I can never pull off pinks.

The new Brilliance Eyes [1450 NTD which is about 44USD] severely disappointed me. The online promo was giving me the false belief that the third color would be a lovely vibrant midtone blue--it's actually more of a faded medium periwinkle. It is growing on me though and I may just pick it up.

The new Jelly Lip gloss [660NTD which is about 20USD] is pretty much just clear with pink frost/shimmer that the camera doesn't pick up. If all goes well, I will be redoing this and the Lip Luster's swatch as well.

Speaking of the Lip Lusters [800NTD which is about 24USD], they are very pigmented, but the shades are just so run of the mill. I don't see any need to spend 24 bucks on this.

The nail polishes are pretty but again, you can find better. I only did one coat of then--but 2 coats of 38 makes it look just a slightly blued black, 37 is only a smidge darker than 36 and both are very sheer. Pass, especially for 450NTD which is almost 14USD!

Also this collection introduces a cuticle oil treatment for 620 NTD which is almost 19USD. Please keep in mind that all items are scented with the traditional Jill Stuart floral rose scent.


What do you think?


  1. Aww... I think Dazzling Moon is kinda disappointing too. I was hoping to love it. Oh well. Thanks for the swatches!

  2. aww, too bad that there are more misses than hits. I like the Dazzling Moon colours, though

  3. Hi Catherine! Thanks for visiting again! Dazzling Moon is definetly not the palette advertised in the product pics on the internet, but is still pretty!

    Hi birkinbagbeauty! Thanks for visiting! So do I but I can't help but feeling that there's a little more left to be achieved by this collection!

  4. Thanks a ton for the swatches! I'm still undecided on the JS blue palette though...lol

    Do you find the blue palette glittery (as in major fallout type glitter)?

  5. Hi Ti Amo!

    Thanks so much for sharing! It would have been nice if 08 Dazzling Moon were a wee bit more intense but it's pretty anyway. I hope Jill Stuart does get a bit more creative with their lineup...

    I see you have many more swatches. I shall have to go look.

    Have a good day!

  6. Hi!! Somehow I ended up on your blog the first time. Thank you for posting these, I LOVE Dazzling Moon. Can't wait to see more =)

  7. Hey ' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' ! Thanks for visiting again! I am also on the fence about the palette because while I like the colors, Jill Stuart eyeshadows tend to fall out alot on me. This one isn't an exception, on my arm it has the same shimmer that the palette that I own does, and I imagine it will have fall out! But it's not glittery, just very shimmery!

    Hey Autumn Masquerade! Thanks for visiting! You share my exact thoughts, I may just pick this one up because it's unique among the JS line, even if I'm slightly disappointed by the colors! I hope you find the other swatches useful :)

    Hey Cat!! :)) Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the other swatches I will get to do before I head back home!

  8. Awesome - thanks for the swatches! I'm glad these were somewhat disappointing, because honestly there's so many JS palettes to chose from already! xD I really can't decide which one to get now.. *SIGH*

    I love your blog layout! So simple and clean~ :D

  9. Hey Miss Wiggle! Thanks for visiting my blog! :) JS palettes are great, but I prefer the original Brilliance eyes for those unique color combinations! Although the one in this collection, number 7 Mysterious Queen also is very pretty!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this. is this already out on sale @ taiwan? I was expecting so much more out of the dazzling moon. But I think i will still get it given this might be the darkest color palette so far in the JS lineups. wonder when I can get my hands on those. hehe

  11. Hi Ariel And Ying! Thanks for visiting! Actually the stock won't be for sale until August first, but the testers are out! :) Yeah I probably will be getting it as well! :D


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