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Monday, July 27, 2009

Swatches: Jill Stuart Lipstick Part 2

[image from ichibankao.com]

Continuing from yesterday: Here are the rest of the lipsticks!


  1. Hi~
    it's me again~ :D
    Thank you for your help last time~ XD
    and i need your help again ^^

    Just wondering how would you describe:
    - (16 vs 8) and - (19 vs 7)

    i love sheer color, but i just afraid that 8 and 7 might be too sheer. I got no.4 and the pigmentation just right for me :D
    Are 16 and 19 sheerer than no.4? If it's not, then i'll go for 7 & 8

    Thank you so much in advance~ XDD

  2. Hi!! I'll do the best I can from memory.

    8 vs 16: 16 is more pink and a bit more mauvey cool. I think 16 is also a bit more pigmented as well.

    7 and 19 are almost the same, I'd say 19 was a touch more peachy though. They are both very close to clear though, and that's with a few layer of swatches.

    Number 4 is one of the more pigmented ones, so the others are definetly more sheer than that one! Number 1 is the most pigmented and I'm afraid that the colors you've asked about are all almost clear. If you have any form of pigmented lips I would skip!!

    HTH :)

  3. Hi, Thank you for your reply :D
    So i guess no.16 is slightly more purplish than no.8? or it's totally pink?

    i have quite pale lips and not so pigmented.

    I'm quite hoping that either no.7 or 19 can give me light nude lip
    but since you say they're almost clear, then it'll just look like using lip balm then?

    Sorry to ask so many questions
    Thank you so much ^0^/

  4. Hi! 16 is a touch more purpley and pinker than 8. I'd say raspberry?

    Yes, 7 and 19 would definetly be like wearing lip balm. I think JS definetly need to be adding a bit of pigment to these, who wants to buy an almost 30$ lipstick that's pretty much clear?



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