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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swatches: Kanebo Coffret D'or Star Dazzling Liner

[image from ichibankao.com]

Soo, I haven't talked about Coffret D'or since like, ever...and I saw these super gorgeous liners at the counter, and VOILA, swatches! I think these are like the cheaper version [but still expensive for how much product you get at 1about 17USD. Star Dazzling Liner is the Jill Stuart liquid liners, long handle and not that much jar] of Lunasol Geminate liner. It's got that sparkle and shine to it that reminds me of the Lunasol.

They dry down quickly, and can I just say WOW at the lasting power? It took the SA another pump of shu cleansing oil and a ton of hard rubbing to get it all off! And look at those colors! I swear that I will be getting one. SWEAR.

Pic is slightly blurry, I'm sorry :/. At least it shows the shimmer well. Out of the five, DB-03 and BR-32 seem to be more pigmented than the rest. BG-02 is sheer, not as bright applied as it looks in the jar, and WT-04 is the standard white glittery liner that is popping up. BK-29 is a slightly sheer dark grey, definely not very black.

What say you?


  1. they are really gorgeous..just got mine in BR-32 and DB-03..love them!

  2. Hi amynaree! I know, aren't they? LOL! The exact ones that I'm looking at! :))

  3. Hm, I'm not usually one for glitter liners, but BG-02 is kinda disappointing. I would love if it were actually a pigmented aqua!

  4. Hey Catherine! BG-02 was quite the shocker for me, I even mixed it up a bit in the jar to see if it was because it had seperated or something. No such luck, that stinks because Coffret D'or eyeliner shades are quite unique!

  5. Yup. I need the black one. I already have the brown one, but yes. the black one will be mine!!

  6. Hi Elvira! Thanks for visiting! The brown is so gorgeous, and the black is very wearable--I hope you love it!

  7. WT-04, DB-03 and BG-02. Heck! If I have the money to spare, I'd buy all colors. I'm just worried about its staying power. That's gonna take a lot of toll in the eyes if you gotta rub it hard to get it off.

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  8. Hi Jeina! Thanks for visiting! :) They're all gorgeous. I don't know how these work on the yes, but I'd be concerned about that too, especially because it has glitter in it.


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