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Sunday, March 22, 2009

MAC All-Black Collection?

Picture and quotes from style.com beauty counter blog
"Well, they were trumped by Polly Osmond’s handiwork last night at Tuleh. Channeling the vampy elegance of thirties Paris, Osmond blanked out lips with a concealer and then dabbed on MAC’s Black Night lipstick, a new shade for Fall, but ever so slightly, leaving a mere remnant of the opaque pigment. If the subtle achromatism is still too morbid for your liking, Osmond recommends adding a touch of a berry on top of the gray (she had MAC’s Dark Side on hand last night)."

There is also a thread on Specktra.net about these rumors! Based on the responses to the thread, Black lipgloss would be very sought out for layering to make cool looks!

Some stuff Speckatrettes want to see released:
Tux-De-Lux (released in 01 with black tied and beautymarked eyeshadows, black lipgloss with sparkles) Official description: sheer black gloss with golden orange glitter
Reflects black glitter
Re-release of Graphisto paint Official Description: dark smoky grey with dark silver shimmer
Black based pigments [kind of like kohl powers in pigment form--black based but with obvious color]
Matte black nail polish

Some Black products used on the Vivienne Westwood fashion collex: [pics credited to Zantredge on Specktra, information to j_absinthe]

“The look is inspired by Pamela Anderson’s look in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The brows, the eyes, the lips, the cheekbones – we are making everything more intense with the makeup.” – Pep Gay

Smolder Eye Kohl – blended over the lids and the lower lash lines as a solid black base to sculpt the eyes.
Cinderfella Eye Shadow buffed over Smolder for a shimmer y black layer on the lids and lower lash lines.
Silver Fog Pigment – brushed along the inner corners of the eyes along the lash lines.
Bootblack Liquid Liner – placed along the top lash line.
Graphblack Technakohl Liner – drawn inside the water lines.
Zoom Fast black Lash Mascara – applied generously to lashes.
Eye Brows in shades matching brows – drawn along the tops of brows to create an angled sharp brow.

Select Cover-Up Concealer – used as foundation for a matte finish. Lighter shades were applied in areas to highlight while darker shades were used to contour cheekbones and temples.
Mid-Tone Sepia Cream Colour Base – used to sculpt under the cheekbones.
Pinch Me Powder Blush – blended into cheekbones to soften the contour.
Pink Swoon Powder Blush – blended onto the cheeks for a soft pink finish.

Cushy Cremestick Liner – lining the lips for a razor sharp outline.
M·A·C Pro Lip Erase in Dim –patted onto the lips to create a contrast with the liner.

Thoughts? All black collex--cool or goth? What do you want to see?

For me, if this is true, a black gloss may be in the cards [maybe if I had extra cash to blow!]. Or those black based pigments!


  1. i will be very interested in an all black MAc collection. and i might just buy some products! black sounds daunting but it's actually a very wearable colour. so useful for me in many ways.

  2. I agree jojoba! And it'll be especially helpful for Makeup Artists too, or people aspiring to be one.


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