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Friday, March 13, 2009

PSA: RANT: Stila lipsticks!

As an update to my much fawned over Rock The Vote Red, I am pissed off. Alot!

Let's take a trip back in time...

July 2008: Rock the Vote and Stila team up to create Rock The Vote Red lipstick. Cue excitement.

October 2008: I manage to swap for Rock the Vote (retail 17$)

October-December 2008: Tried Rock The Vote a grand total of 3x.

March 2009: I open RTVR and it's gone bad! It smells yucky--like crayon--when it used to smell like nothing.

WHAT THE HECK!? I pretty much have to throw away a 17$, tried 3x lipstick. Throw in the fact that I've had it for 6 months.

Wow Stila...that's all I can say. Better fix this, or you'll be losing a LOT of customers. I, for one, am not going to buy any lipsticks or glosses from stila till they fix it, because I don't like to waste my money. Now, I've got to trash it...


  1. wow...is stila product really expire within 6 months? i noticed in my eyeshadow duo that it listed the expire date of 6 months.
    but i never believe in reality that it will spoil so soon.
    i will be better check all my stila product now!!
    thanks for posting this =)

  2. Hey Petitte Poupee! Actually I think its only the lipsticks--powders should be fine!

    No problem, I'm definetly not going to waste my money on their lip stuff again!

  3. That sucks! I could expect it of a gloss but not lipstick.

  4. Hi '*:.blu3.:*'!

    I had heard it before I swapped for the lipstick but dang! Never expected it to go this fast!

  5. Stila is the brand that I have tried over and again but only to find SO-SO for almost everything. Even my lemming for the baked e/s trio don't really work that fantastically as i thought they might... Oh well, there are just brands that don't work for us.

  6. and i probably won't be bothered with this brand again if I were you...

  7. Hi jojoba!

    Definetly--Stila just doesn't work for me. Even the shadows (best part of the line IMO) keep me away because you have to buy the packaging separately, and that the colors aren't fantastic.

    I think I will only be trying Stila if there really is a unique palette--and a good return policy!

  8. Hi Ti_Amo,
    do you toss your makeup with the suggested expire date? for example the lipstick after 2 years and so on?
    or you just smell it or taste it to detect if they are expired?
    thanks a lot for the answer.

  9. Hi Davina! No I don't toss with the expire date--I just smell it :] I find that companies tend to say that the expire date is sooner than it really is so you will rebuy it faster!

    Hope that helps :]


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