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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shu Uemura--The Scoop on New Products!

Thanks goes out to the lovely aishatherese of Makeupalley!

Pink collection
Hits counters April
5 New Gloss Unlimited - Standout 325N (Opalescent cool pink)
9 New Rouge Unlimited - Standouts: 369 (a rich, luscious magenta) and 343 (midtone ladylike pink)
"New Patented hybrid pigment delivers the most vivid pink possible"

Face Architect Powder Foundation
Natural Glow Finish SPF 22 $32.50 for refill $12.50 for compact
Hits counters April
Replacing existing formula PLUS adding 8 new shades!!
Weightless formula that looks like liquid when it hits the skin. Literally MELTS into the skin. Amazing.

Depsea Water Mists Repackage
Hits counters April
new bottles reature a finer, more consistent spray YAY!!

Painting Gel Liner $24
Hits counters May
9 Shades
Mattes: Black, Night Blue, Brown, White, Vivid Blue
Metallics: Green, Purple
Glitters: Gold, Silver
Standouts: The Vivid blue is the most amazingly vibrant robin's egg blue. Clear and pure.
Silver and Gold are literally like liquid metal, crazy intense.

Portable Eye lining brush $28
Sable fine-tip brush in a retractable black casing, very sleek

Phyto Black lifting mask $65
All the benefits of the Phyto Black ingredients suite, PLUS an energizing and tightening effect

SUMMER 2009:
UV Underbase Mousse $35
SPF 10 face primer w/ 3 diff pearl pigments for tri-gold shimmer
(Upon application, it doesn't really look glittery, though, I thought it was kind of glowy, very nice!)

New Powder bronzer formula $35
3 Shades: light med and dark
oil-absorbing w/ low-shimmer

My Personal Favorite:
NEW Goat Brush Natural 50H $75
This is a flat, compact-sized brush with a full and fuffy angled head.
awesome, awesome, awesome

I am SO EXCITED! What are you looking at? I'm definetly going to be picking up a cream shadow, gel liner, maybe bronzer and definetly powder foundation!


  1. I'm looking forward to the 50H brush !! I saw it on the Shu Japan website and have been waiting for it. Not cheap though :-P

  2. Hi Zulfa! All of this stuff looks amazing! :D I agree on the price--all shu brushes are soo $$!!

  3. Oooo I have the painting gel liner and phyto black mask :)

  4. Hi Sparkleworks! Oh really?? How do you like them??


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