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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MAC Starflash Swatches and Review

This is the new highly anticipated collection of Limited Edition 12 new formulated eyeshadows from MAC and 4 repromoted Kohl Power eyeliners. It was released in Asia on July 1st 2008, and is to be released in the UK/Europe in August (if I am not misinformed) and July 31st in the U.S.

Let's start with swatches! This was my first time labelling, so I apologize in advance for the tiny font.

My review: The new formula named Starflash has everyone buzzing. My experience with it is that it's incredibly creamy, soft and blendable. The shimmers(Grand Entrance for example) tend to have better texture than say, Top Hat. I found that interesting; they may be just like the Lustres in that they can be different. Grand Entrance also probably has the best texture of them all, imo!

Dreammaker: MAC says that this is a frosty yellow gold. I think it's straight up yellow! Where is the gold in this? It's pretty, but not for everyone. Texture seems to be average of the Starflash collection.

Grand Entrance: Frosty neutral pink beige. This description is accurate, and again, probably has the best texture of the whole collection. However, is it me or does MAC tend to make this shade alot? A very pretty shadow, but experienced MAC collectors probably have this shade duped.

Bold & Brazen: Compared to the other two brown shadows (Go and Glamour check!) this is very orangey. Well, MAC describes it as a frosty light copper, so it's fine. Very pretty, but again with Grand Entrance, you may already have a dupe.

Sunset B: Pink lovers, this may be your find of the collection! MAC has nothing like this in it's permanent range, so I swatched it with Sushi Flower. SF is corally and warmer, but both shadows are the same 'intensity' or level of brightness. You'll want to pick this up if you like pink.

Lotusland: This is so pretty! A lavender, I don't see how MAC says it's pinky? Beautiful Iris was the closest thing to it, but you can easily tell it's warmer. A must for purple lovers!

Talent Pool: This is the only shadow I'm picking up. It's a blue green, that flashes blue and green! Much lighter than teals MAC has done of the past (Big T, Parrot, Cool Heat). Those who loved the shadows mentioned probably will like this for a lighter alternative. I can also see this being great for ladies who want to get into teal but can't because of the bright OTTness of the three mentioned shadows.

Mink & Sable: Sigh..MAC, MAC, MAC. Did you not think that we would notice? It's the same as Sumptuous Olive from their permanent line! I'd get this if you were eyeing Sumptuous Olive though, because the texture is better. If you use it up have no fear! They have a dupe ready for ya!

Smoke & Diamonds: This has hugely excited taupe lovers. More silver than Satin taupe but lighter than Clue, it's a pre-launch favorite. However, Shu Uemura's IR Brown 850 is pretty darn close, so close that I'm choosing to skip S&D now! MAC describes this as a frosty dirty taupe, which is right.

Go: Lighter than Bronze, but 'greener' than Mulch, Go is a go. It would have been the same as Mulch, but I detect green duochrome? Perhaps it's just me, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Glamour Check!: A reddish brown, just like what MAC says it is. Darkest of neutrals in this launch. Again, those who love browns will want to get this one.

Top Hat: I was debating whether to get this as well. However, it seems a bit chalky to me when I swatched it. MAC doesn't have a permanent shadows like this, so purple lovers will want this one. Very pigmented and no blue to this that I can see.

Star by Night: IMO, a pretty shadow but you probably already have a shade close to it. Deep Truth, from MAC's perm like, Blue Storm, LE from the 2007 Blue Storm collection and Blue Flame, LE from June's Cool Heat are all similar. Great texture; if you don't own any of the above you may want to look into this.

Kohl Powers: All are repromoted from last year. A love it or Hate it product; some think it smears everywhere and others just enough.
Feline: Super dark black.
Raven: Black with red pearl; a beautiful burgundy.
Orpheous: Black with gold pearl, blackened gold.
Mystery: Black with teal pearl, turns out a blackened emerald green.

A great collection, I wish that the new formula will be permanent though! IMO, a collection for everyone, from those who love brights to neutrals.

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