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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shu Uemura Fall 2008 Instinct Mode Swatches and Review

Shu Uemura Fall 2008 consists of two lipsticks, three eyeshadow duos, three blushes, one nail polish and one LE luring powder, to brighten the complexion. Also includes a new 'twilight resonance' false lashes.

However, what Shu DOESN'T want you to know that there's actually MORE to this collection, Asia only. A dark wine and another beige lipstick, gold and sparkly taupe nail polish round out the collection in Asia. However, my review is only on the collection found on the shu US site.

See more pics!

Now on to my review. The eyeshadow duos (36USD on the shuuemura-usa site) consist of one cream and one powder side (cream is on the left). The cream isn't creamy at all, more of a dry texture; you'll want to rub your finger around in it when you don't have to. The powder side is just like shu's regular powder eyeshadow. The SA did a makeover on me and my friend and these didn't budge in hot, humid weather and pretty oily skin! (no base). A win, but I didn't like the powder combinations and price...


Mesmerizer: deep blue-purple (cream) and dark taupe (powder)
Mystifier: This cream is a dark dark hunter green with green sparkles. My fav of all the creams! and bronze (powder)
Tantalizer: Light olive (cream) and light golden bronze (powder).

Glow ons: These were beautiful. With a golden shimmer print on half of the side (that faded at first touch however!), they're just as pigmented as shu's regular line (21USD).

Lust: I'm sorry shu, but you put a peachy-pink shade out almost every collection! This is brighter than some though, with golden shimmer.
Pulse: Ah, this color is to *die* for! It's a reddish pink with golden shimmer, a little on the cool side but beautiful all the same.
Steam: Light cool pink, so light that it's almost white (hey that rhymes!). Of course, golden shimmer. Shu says to use this as a highlighter since it wouldn't work as a blush. Pretty, but the glitter puts me off.

Rouge Unlimited Crystal Shine(23USD): These are a series of highly crystallized color lipsticks, creamy and pigmented. Huge win in my book.

Crimson dazzle: Don't be fooled by the pinky brown you see on the rouge unlimited crystal shine page! This is bright blaring scarlet! Beautiful, but those shy of loud lip colors can say no easily. But those who love red, this is one pigmented, glossy warm red! I'd compare this to MAC's Port Red from the Naughty Nautical collection.

Beige Dazzle: As unappealing as the name sounds, this is a beautiful creamy browned nude. I have nothing else to say other than this is the winner for nude lippy lovers!

Nail Enamel: Applied smoothly, great brush but definetly needs two coats. A very pretty dark red wine with both gold and silver shimmer. Another winner! However, at 16USD, I hesitate to buy this..

Finally, the Limited Edition Luring Powder! Probably what people most looked forward to this collection. Well..needless to say, this disappointed me. Big time. I like highly pigmented things, I skip anything with a 'Warning: Sheer!' review. This was so so sheer I can only see it working for pale girls. While I know it may be meant to be sheer since it's an all over powder, it doesn't cut it for me, especially at 38USD! However, for the pale gals out there, this is so soft and blends easily. Comes in a decorated black compact that could fit 4 shu eyeshadows or 2 glow ons if the powder is depotted.

All in all, a good (pricey...) collection that may not appeal to you in whole, but have a few hidden winners inside! For me, however, I could skip this easily.

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