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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shu Uemura 25th Birthday Collection Swatches & Review

Fleur de Rose:

This is the one I got, a lovely neutral palette punched up with pinks! Lovely texture , and shu eyeshadows are the only ones that last the day on me without a base. Also love the packaging and the fact that you can take the black insert out and fill it with depotted shu! Oh, and the two dark dots are the shimmer liquid eyeliners. Stay AWAY from their eyeliners! Even the SA was grumbling about them, saying 'Why do they dry up so fast? Oh no, it dispensed too much!'

Fleur De Terre:

An interesting palette, I can see some pulling off the pink and green together (which were a bit chalky and a satin finish). Not for everyone though.

Fleur De Source:

I was also going to get this one, but the only colors I really liked were the chocolate brown and lime green. I'm off to look for dupes!

Each of these palettes retail for a hefty 65$, but if you look at it this way, you get 7 shadows for it! Divide 65 by 7 and it's 9USD! A steal! Even though they aren't full size except for the eye highlighter (the very last one on the right), you're never going to use them up! Pick them up now!

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