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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Good & Bad News For MAC 2010

From our leading MAC experts at Specktra:


Let's recap what we know first:

Warm and Cozy is a two part collection releasing in just three short weeks on December 26th, also releasing that day are Love Lace and Studio Fix Lash.

Now for what 2010 is bringing MAC fanatics:

In January MAC babes and gents usher the new year in with All Ages, All Races, All Sexes and MAC in Lillyland both making their debut on January 7th.

February is a month that many have been openly speculating will host a large anniversary collection. We're here to give you the straight dish. Now this may hurt a bit, especially if you were looking forward to what the rumor mill was circulating. There will be NO anniversary collection, our source has it that the Anniversary collection (rumored to be HK revisited) has been nixed and will be replaced by a month long Spring Color Forecast which is a 4 part collection that will have a release a week for entire month.

Also releasing in February (a short, but important month that seems to be packed full) are Mineralize Foundation (cream compact) and Riveting sharing a counter on 2/18 with Tabloid Beauty launching later in the month on 2/25.

March brings spring weather and an exciting mix of collections with Too Fabulous launching 3/4, Give me Liberty of (or?) London on 3/11 - and the collection we are DYING to see high resolution promo images for - Viva Glam New Camp aka From Our Lips featuring Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper making a flaming debut on counters 3/18. While we wait for those images to surface, here is a description of the shoot based on an excerpt from an interview - while describing her busy schedule in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, author Brian Hiatt said: ”… [In New York] she’ll shoot a M.A.C. Cosmetics campaign with [Cyndi] Lauper…” Later in the article, he describes a photoshoot where “…Marilyn Monroe is singing Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend on a photo-studio sound system, and Lady Gaga and a youthful-looking Cyndi Lauper are straddling giant pink lipstick tubes as flashbulbs pop.” They’re wearing near-matching Jetsons-style red dresses. Ohh, so exciting!

April continues to excite with Art Supplies a two part collection starting the month off right on 4/1, Prep for Colour launches on 4/8 (either of the former two collections MAY be the "pop" collection that has already leaked online). My sisters birthday 4/22 celebrates two collections with intriguing names Pret-a-Papier and Opulash. Oooh lala I can't wait to see what those two reveal. Opulash sounds like a new mascara formula or fabulous falsies.

The last month we have initial information for is May, which only has two collections that we know of so far, Superglass (a new gloss formula perhaps?!) on 5/6, and a two part summer spectacular called To The Beach launching 5/8.

What we don't know:

There is no word yet on if there will be a MAC Disney Villains collection. Right now there is no supporting information what so ever that this collection will happen in the first half of the year. Of course, since we have no idea what's happening after May yet is IS possible that something could happen with the rumored collection in the second half of the year.

Also an unknown at this point is the rumored Vivenne Westwood designer collection. HOWEVER don't give up hope as Designer collaborations have historically launched in the Fall.

That wraps up the latest dish from Specktra HQ. We hope that you will enjoy speculating on what these collections bring us MAC addicts with us. You can definitely imagine how exciting it is to await the release of these beauties as 2010 moves along and we see what they have in store for our vanities.

If you'd like to participate in collection discussions, or simply stay up to date on the latest dish join us in Specktra's own Color Collection sub-forum!"

WAIT WAIT WAIT...WHAT? Oh my GOD, no MAC for Disney villians? There goes all the money I've been saving up! This has got to be the most disappointed I've been in awhile for MAC. It's okay though because the collections to replace it sound average-good..


  1. I was excited about disney villians too until I heard it was just a rumor going around :(! I'm still excited for the viva glam with GAGA though!

  2. Wah. I wasn't very impressed with the Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland packaging either.... sad. ;_;

  3. u've said, Give me Liberty of (or?) London on 3/11... isnt that means " vivienne westwood"?

  4. Hi The Makeup junkie! It might be a different collection, no one knows yet :)

  5. Thanks for the useful info, I am looking forward to Cyndi Lauper and Lady gaga!


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