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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Paul & Joe & Maquillag, Ipsa, Shiseido Spring 2010

From A Touch of Blusher:

Maquillage & Paul & Joe. Ipsa & Shiseido.

The Paul and Joe face powders in my opinion look quite blah and I'm not feeling the gloss lacquers, even in the cute pot packaging. A collection I can safely skip, with the rest of the special packaging pieces very expensive.

Maquillage 2010 looks decent, with a little extra sparkle embossed onto the shadows, though I do wish that they'd stop including creams in their eyeshadow palettes....They're launching more lip liners, eye liners & lipsticks. Pretty average Japanese spring collection.

IPSA looks very prettily packaged, and those bright nail colors are calling to me.

Shiseido looks promising, with new shades of eyeshadow, 2 new lines of lipstick, lipgloss and blush. The eyeshadow in my opinion is nothing special though.


  1. OMG the Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland collection looks so cute! I also like the look of the Maquillaje shadow palette, very sweet.

  2. Hi Marce! I agree, it does look very cute but I don't think I'll have the funds to buy it! The Maquillage looks pretty as well but I nver got on board with cream and powder products in the same palette!


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