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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Review: Mad Minerals Indelible Waterproof Gel Liners

I had always wanted to try Mad Minerals Indelible cream liner due to the massive amount of raves they were getting, and the beautiful colors. When a lovely MUA'er sent these to me, I was super excited. But now, as I sit down to review them, I write with a heavy heart. (I am just so dramatic! :D)

Link to website Madminerals.org
Texture: Mad Minerals has a very creamy texture, again, more like a cream shadow. Usually I have good luck with this kind of texture (reminiscent of Kanebo Kate) but not here.

Color payoff: Honestly, maybe it was because they weren't capped tightly enough or something (which would be my fault) the payoff is horrible! It looks more like a bad super sheer cream shadow than an eyeliner that's supposed to define your eyes! It gives more payoff on my hand than my brush, which is NOT a good thing!

Lasting Ability: Mad minerals creases on me quickly, and flakes off within two hours. I couldn't wait to rush home and get it off :/

Price: This retails for 8.99USD on the site posted above...it may be quite cheap compared to most other brands but I would save your money!

Packaging: I also have a rant with this! The caps are made of plastic, and, like it already happened to one of mine, break easily. The name of the gel liner is printed on a black sticker at the bottom, which I like. But I abhor that cap! Grr!

Variety of colors:
I recieved two colors: Magnetism and Marcasite. Magnetism is a black flecked with lots of gold shimmer, so it applies like a dark brown. Unfortunately I could not take pictures of this one because the lid cracked very soon after I recieved it and it dried out. Marcasite looks like a beautiful silvery charcoaly grey in the pot, but just looks plain grey once applied.
This comes in a range of 13 beautiful colors: the color selection is certaintly better than most companies!

Application: I use the Kate gel liner brush that came with my 6 Kate gel liners. This brush has served me faithfully, but not even it's magical powers could save this liner. I had to really dig into it to pick up some pigment. And then when I went to apply it, it skipped and tugged. I wouldn't recommend this liner for use on the waterline as I bet it would flake off and irritate your eye.

Marcasite pics:

Verdict: Save your money--any gel liner is better than this one!!

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