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Friday, December 19, 2008

Review: Besame Souffle Foundation

(picture from zappos.com)
Yay, my first foundation review! Hopefully I can kick off the series strongly.
This is one of the items that intrigued me during the mass Besame sale frenzy, where everything was (and still is!) practically a third of it's original price. No, Besame is not going out of busines, but they are revamping the product ingredients and packaging. While it is now gone from the besamecosmetics.com site, I am still reviewing this because you can probably find one in Makeupalley swap or ebay; even zappos.com

Firstly, the price: At the time of the sale, it was 4$! But, the original price was 18$. But you use so little every time it's totally worth whatever you paid!

Packaging: Besame's stuff comes in cute red boxes with cream print. It's very vintage and classy if I do say so myself. The foundation comes in a glass pot with a red lid, and a red and cream label at the bottom.

Scent: The foundation has a slight rose scent that does not dissipate--I find I can still smell it some time after I've put it on. It doesn't bother me--even me, the self-confessed hater of floral scents--but it may to those who are scent-sensitive.

Texture: Souffle foundation is actually very firm, not light and airy like you would think. But it's very pigmented, so just a dab can cover a wide area.

Wear: Besame's foundation wears all day and into the night for me. It blends in well too and looks super natural.

Coverage: This is heavy-duty coverage! I don't use such heavy foundation normally, so I just dab at it and use my fingers to blend it out to make it sheerer. It's great for those who just can't find a foundation that covers very well--I don't think I've seen a foundation that has this amount of coverage!

Color Selection: I believe there were 5 shades of this when it was available. They are:
Bisque: Around MAC NC15. This is extremely pink compared to Yellow Cameo.
Yellow Cameo (I have this one, just a tad too yellow for my NC20 in MAC ski, pictured)

Medium Beige: I assume this is for people around MAC NC30
Golden Beige: Around MAC NC35
Honey: Around MAC NC40
As you can see, Besame doesn't really cater to very dark or pale yellow skintones, so it is hard to find a match. I think this is pretty bad for a brand that wants to become more well-known, but perhaps they are also adding more colors in the revamp.

All in all, a great foundation if:
1. You can find a shade match.
2. You want a heavy duty or medium coverage foundation.
3. OR You love vintage or rose smelling products.

But definetly worth a try!

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