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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bobbi Brown To Be Discontinued

Thanks goes out to the lovely KarlaSugar who posted this on MUA. This is all her's---I'm just putting it out there.

Smooth Skin Foundation Walnut
Smooth Skin Foundation Chestnut
Smooth Skin Foundation Espresso
Smooth Skin Foundation Porcelain
Smooth Skin Foundation Warm Natural
Smooth Skin Foundation Warm Almond
Smooth Skin Foundation Warm Sand
Smooth Skin Foundation Warm Beige
Smooth Skin Foundation Warm Walnut

Pot Rouge Summer Tan
Pot Rouge Calypso Coral
Pot Rouge Blushed Rose
Pot Rouge Stonewashed Pink
Pot Rouge Pink Raspberry
Pot Rouge Raspberry

Nail Pale Pink Sheer
Nail Pink Ribbon Sheer
Nail Tutu Opaque
Nail Cotton Opaque
Nail Velvet Opaque
Nail Tomato Opaque

Nat Brow Hair Touc(?) Sable

Lip Sheer Peony
Lip Sheer Pink Berry
Lip Sheer Black Plum
Lip Sheer Plum
Lip Sheer Cranberry
Lip Sheer Ruby
Lip Sheer Rosy
Lip Sheer Peach Nectar
Lip Sheer Bare
Lip Sheer Natural Beige
Lip Sheer Black Raspberry

Long-wear Cream Shadow Bellini
Long-wear Cream Shadow Suede
Long-wear Cream Shadow Sand Castle

Tinted Lip Balm Baby Pink
Tinted Lip Balm Citrus
Tinted Lip Balm Champagne
Tinted Lip Balm Pink Popsicle
Tinted Lip Balm Rose Petal
Tinted Lip Balm Hazelnut
Tinted Lip Balm Desert Bronze

Eye Brightener Medium to Dark
Eye Brightener Dark

Lip Liner Tulle
Lip Liner Tulle Brown
Lip Liner Hot Cocoa
Lip Liner Rich Cococa
Lip Liner Cocoa Berry

Eyeshadow Ivy
Eyeshadow Malted

Shimmer Lip Gloss Sand Sugar

SPF 15 Lip Shine Blush
SPF 15 Lip Shine Claret
SPF 15 Lip Shine Mauve
SPF 15 Lip Shine Brandy
SPF 15 Lip Shine Toffee
SPF 15 Lip Shine Naked Pink
SPF 15 Lip Shine Blackberry

Gel Eyeliner Cobalt Ink
Gel Eyeliner Hunter Ink
Gel Eyeliner Bronze Shimmer Ink
Gel Eyeliner Sapphire Shimmer Ink
Gel Eyeliner Indigo Ink
Gel Eyeliner Mahogany Ink

Creamy Eye Pencil Walnut
Creamy Eye Pencil Smoke
Creamy Eye Pencil Midnight
Creamy Eye Pencil Pine
Creamy Eye Pencil Black
Creamy Eye Pencil Dusk
Creamy Eye Pencil Taupe
Creamy Eye Pencil Dark Brown

Lip Color Burgundy
Lip Color Tea Rose
Lip Color Warm Apricot
Lip Color Clove
Lip Color Mango
Lip Color Scarlet
Lip Color Putty
Lip Color Tulip

Lip Gloss Honey
Lip Gloss Heather
Lip Gloss Raisin
Lip Gloss Chocolate
Lip Gloss Nectarine

Shimmer Lip Tint Twilight Shimmer
Shimmer Lip Tint Posey Shimmer

Lip Tint SPF 15 Tea Rose Tint
Lip Tint SPF 15 Blossom Tint
Lip Tint SPF 15 Maple Tint
Lip Tint SPF 15 Cherry Tint
Lip Tint SPF 15 Black Cherry Tint
Lip Tint SPF 15 Lily
Lip Tint SPF 15 Punch
Lip Tint SPF 15 Peony

Extra Balm Rinse Tube
Brightening Essence
Brightening Facial Water
Brightening Moisturizer SPF 25
Exfoliating Cream Wash
Rich Cream Cleanser

Lash Glamour Bark
No Smudge Mascara Brown
Everything Mascara Dark Brown

Smooth Skin Foundation Warm Ivory
Smooth Skin Foundation Sand
Smooth Skin Foundation Beige
Smooth Skin Foundation Natural
Smooth Skin Foundation Honey
Smooth Skin Foundation Golden
Smooth Skin Foundation Almond

Danng Bobbi! I want to try alot of that--anyone else who does had better move fast! I wonder what'll be left of her line after all this is gone?

1 comment:

  1. Bobbi Rich cream cleanser will be discontinued too.. I will be switching to extra balm rinse after this. The sales assistant tol me, Bobbi will discontinue some of her products for a more improved one. Watch for the next whitening range, i don't know about this makeup thing. I'm not a fan, but i do use her skin care range. Whatever she does, it doesn't really matters to me because all of her products are absolutely remarkable. And I am committed.


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