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Monday, September 14, 2009

It's magic! Revive me!

The title of this post doesn't seem to make sense hm? Don't worry, I hope to explain that very soon.

This, is MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. Before this little experimental revival [courtesy of Alyheartsyou on MakeupAlley], it was plain thick black liquid. All the scrubbies had disappeared! [Please take this as a warning that if you buy VAE this time around, don't keep it in the shower! I suspect the heat and humidity had melted them].

Of course, when I discovered this, I freaked out and posted on Makeupalley about this. Well, Aly calmed me down when she said that I could simply add sugar to the exoliator and stir it with a toothpick, because that's what the original scrub particles had been made of.
Guess what? She was right! Simply add sugar until it gets to be that thick and 'rough' consistency--it'll be the sugar particles that you see
[here's a more accurate spi
Be warned, don't add too much sugar! Remember that it will settle at the bottom of the jar! I forgot this and ended up with quite alot of sugar at the bottom and the liquid almost overflowing--oops. :X. At least I won't have to worry about the scrubbies being melted for a long time!

And voila!
Has anyone else had this happen to your VAE? Will you be buying one this September 24th?


  1. wait so..the exfoliating beads is basically sugar...and we're basically paying for sugar and black gooop? lol ~ I'm still excited about style black b/c of the e/s. I heard great reviews about the exfoliator, but..I'm a bit hesitant now. lol

  2. Hi marsbars! Yeah that's pretty much it, the sugar in mine is now a bit more rough but otherwise, yeah :). I don't think its worth all the hype for me! I kind of want the eyeshadow, but am on the fence! I'm really excited for the black lipstick!

  3. This happens to me with my DIY sugar scrubs all the time. VAE has like HG status with some folks though... I was seriously thinking about trying it out.

  4. Hey Catherine! I really like it but I don't think that if I pay almost 20 bucks for it that I should have to revive it ya know? It's very nice though :) and I'm glad I can salvage it.


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