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Monday, September 7, 2009

Swatches: Requested New MAC hauls

This is a requested post :) My hauls from MAC recently--Rated R starflash, Strike A Pose starflash and Push The Edge pigment.

Push The Edge looks much more like how it really applies on my eyes in the 3rd pic, on my finger. I didn't pick up enough of the product in the 2nd pic. It's more of a chunky pigment, and a tiny bit chalky, but I really love the color.

The two starflash formula eyeshadows are a bit sheerer than I remember Starflash to be but I like them alot too! Very unique shades in my opinion.


  1. Entremauve is such a good dupe for push the edge. I'm sad that push the edge wasn't as pigmented as I thought. Rated R is really pretty and unique.

  2. Hey Marsbarsx3! Oh yes, that's why I wanted push the edge--because I missed out on Entremauve! Gorgeous color but I can see what you mean about the pigmentation. I wish they made it like last year's pigments--what was that collection called, with Heritage Rouge and Antique green, museum bronze, blonde's gold, mauvement and mega rich? Those were amazing!

  3. The overrich collection I believe. I loved antiqued green from that collecton. Heritage rouge is being repromoted in the makeup art collection ^^ I really like that color too~

  4. Hey Marsbarsx3! Yep exactly that collex. Loved all of those pigments, and the texture was just to die for!

  5. push the edge looks hot, MAC always has amazing purples, theyre always so different and a mix of different tones

  6. I agree Miss Neira! LOVE their colors!


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