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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Let's Talk Jewelry

Taking a quick break from makeup here--What kind of jewelry do you wear? What kinds are you always attracted to?

I always wear the same pair of Givenchy earrings that I scored on sale for twenty bucks. LOVE them. Also wear a set of Swarovski rings that were given to me by a family friend. I hate wearing bracelets--I can only wear rings or necklaces or earrings.

How bout you? Any favorite brands, any favorite pieces?


  1. Hehe, I'll have to do a jewelry post soon. I usually wear a lot of my own earrings! You can see some of my work by visiting my jewelry blog (in my profile). Recently, I've acquired a few very pretty earrings from other bloggers such as MotoJewelry and MSparklesss. I do have a couple bracelets and necklaces I made myself, but recently I've been wearing a Linda Trent bracelet SO bought for me - it goes very nicely with my HK watch, and my necklaces always rotate. My fav are the Swarovski heart SO bought me for a Christmas and the LE Lemon my mom bought me as a graduation present. SO recently bought me an adorable sterling silver bunny from ShanaLogic though.

  2. I like wearing different styles of jewelry - pearls add a nice touch for work in a professional environment, but I like simple pieces in silver for work as well. I save the bolder/funkier pieces for the weekend or when I'm doing stuff on my own time, like wearing layered necklaces or a short necklace that uses miniature handcuffs as the focal point. I typically wear the same hoop earrings, but I love to wear rings - I don't really wear bracelets much because they always make noise if/when I'm typing.


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