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Thursday, August 6, 2009

GIVEAWAY! Happy Birthday Diamond in the Rough!

This giveaway is long overdue as actually my first blog post ever was July 22, 2008, but I was writing up swatch posts, and thought that I should get home before I did this giveaway. As a side note, now that I'm back in the USA, there won't be any more swatching as obviously those brands aren't available here : (...


What's up for grabs? [All items are brand new and haven't been opened]

VOV Color Song liquid foundation in 02, a light yellow based shade
Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss in PK122, a light pink
Shu uemura depsea moisture replenishing essense
Shu uemura ACE B-G reinforcing gel cream
Shu uemura WR EX activating whitening essence

Rules to enter:

Unfortunately, this giveaway is for readers living in the USA only. I'm sorry international readers, because I know there are a few of you, but I hope to make it up to you one day and do an international reader only giveaway.

1. Become a follower of my blog [the panel is just on the left! Hit become a follower!]
2. Leave a comment stating your favorite Japanese brand [high end or drugstore, or in between! I don't care!] and why!
3. The giveaway will end on August 19th, which gives you about 2 weeks to enter. I will announce the winner on the 19th, and you must contact me within five days at monokoroboox3@aim.com. If you do not contact me within five days, I will choose another winner.

Good luck!


  1. I want to say something cool like Lunasol or Jill Stuart but fact of the matter is I love Shiseido!! I have had some sort of shiseido product since I started wearing make-up as a teenager and though I have changed up my routine so many times, without doubt there has always been some shiseido product! At the moment I am only using the eyelash curler, a mascara and an oil cleanser but I plan to go check out the department store line as my friend tells me the anti-shine lotion is very smoothing!

  2. Woo happy belated bday to your blog. Aww ur back from Taiwan now. No more cool swatches. Hopefully you got plenty of cute stuff from Taiwan and ate plenty of good food. I will be going this Xmas. Soo looking forward to it. My favor drug store brand is majorlica majorica. Favor department store brand is Jill Stuart. What about yourself

  3. My favorite japanese product is the Shiseido eyelash curler. This thing is the BEST. My friend gave me her old one (so now its broken T.T) I tried every single eyelash curler out there. Nothing even COMPARES to it because it just fits my eye shape really really well. It gets all the baby lashes on the very very very ends. Also, I really like how Shiseido sells eyelash curler replacement pad things. <3 Thanks Ti_Amo for the new contest~

  4. I wanna join :) My fave japanese brand would be shiseido just because it's all around for me their skincare works great and as their makeup as well even though its a lil on the pricey side its def worth it.

  5. My favorite Japanese Brand is Coffret D'or. I love their packaging is really pretty and girly! The texture of their eyeshadows are also amazing :)

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway

  6. Hi Ti_Amo! Woo hoo for being the first one entering! I think this means I probably won't win LOL... #1 never gets chosen! ;P

    My favorite Japanese brand is RMK because their products are great across the board - I love their eyeshadows, makeup bases, and cleansers. Plus, I love the minimalist packaging! :)

  7. my favourite japanese brand is majolica majorca because of it's beautiful packing! it's cute and compact so really handy to carry around. the quality's pretty good too =D and it doesnt break my wallet as bad as some high end stuff. i wanna try some jill stuart products too but havent got my hands onto any yet.

  8. Thanks for a truly wonderful giveaway, there are so many brands I love but if I had to pick one it would be Lavshuca, I love, love their makeup!

  9. Hi Ti Amo ^^

    My favorite Japanese brand if I had to choose would be RMK! Their products are amazing and I especially love their makeup base. Their fruit barrier cream smells delicious and is one of my favorite moisturizers.

    ~xbowie frm MUA :P great blog!

  10. I love Shu Uemura for their eyelash curlers!

  11. Hey - hmmm... I think I have to say that my favorite Japanese makeup brand is Jill Stuart... just for the eye candy. =)


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