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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Review: Etude Glassade Lipgloss

Ah, OK I'm back with another review! This is from the brand Etude [of which the more popular Etude House is derived from] from Korea, which made waves through the blogosphere after several blogs reviewed items from it.

I jumped when I saw the counter in Taiwan! I had been looking for it earlier but Etude [House] seems to have left Kaohsiung and so I couldn't find it, and had given up. But I found a small, picked over selection of Etude at Hanshin [and am now regretting not getting their makeup base. Damn!]

But anyways, I picked up this gloss for around 12 USD [400NTD, with a buy one get one free of equal or lesser value....so I also got a brush. But that's another review!].

From a rough translation, this lipgloss is enriched with moisterizing essences and shimer; the liquid texture wraps your lips in delicate shine.

Let's see how it really is!

Here it is:
Cute packaging right? It actually holds 5 grams, which I probably won't EVER finish but it seems like less than my other brands because I've only used it a few times and there's a bit of space at the top now. The wand handle is pretty tall and is a pinky silver, and a nice heart motif on the top. Cute, but not too overly princessy, which I like. [Yes, there can be too much of a good thing!]

Anyways, I think this comes in 10 colors, of which I have number 2, Apple Jelly, a bright reddish pink. The range comes in a nice selection from bright pinks to lighter ones, peaches and even clear and gold ones.

The picture seems to give the impression that this color is a 'jelly' finish--slightly translucent creme. It isn't, there's quite a bit of shimmer that my camera couldn't pick up.
It's actually not that pigmented on lips. It gives a slight tint, but a very glossy finish. I would like it if it didn't cost 12 bucks! I'd pay like 5 dollars for it. It's a good thing it lasts quite awhile without being overly sticky!

I notice a very very slight fruity scent but its so light that I can't discern what it is. Whatever it is, it dissipates very quickly upon application.

Okay, whats the bad thing about this? The wand. I never thought that there could be a bad lipgloss wand--I've never met a bad one! The bad thing about this wand [a standard doefoot] is that it doesn't pick up enough gloss. WTF? But I have to redip the wand to have enough for my whole lips. Turnoff!!!

The consensus? Save your money from something better from Etude [House]. You don't need this!


  1. it looks pretty, but basic. WTF. How can a wand not pick up enough? Usually it doesn't pick up enough!

  2. Hi Y! It's definetly not unique and you don't need it. I hate the wand!

  3. I agree with the pretty packaging. It does look like any other sheer gloss though. The only wand that I really hate would be the MAC dazzleglass ones. They're so hard and stiff! Does this smell or taste nice though? ^^

  4. Hi marsbarsx3! Yes, it's pretty but so run of the mill. I haven't tried the dazzleglass, this is another reason to steer clear! I don't notice any scent or taste to the Etude :)


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