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Monday, June 29, 2009

MAC Colour Craft Swatches! Kind of.

Alright I've got the lipsticks and Mineralize blushes [missing Daft Pink as the MA was using it..grr]! The lipsticks are mostly lustres I think, I used several coats to get the colors to show up well / differentiate. The most pigmented were the brighter colors.
Ok, from Specktra, the finishes/official lipstick color descriptions:
  • Madly Creative - Pink neutral with white pearl (Frost)
  • Ever Embellish - Plum brown with red pearl (Lustre)
  • Made with Love - Bright coral pink (Lustre)
  • Colour Crafted - Milky pink (Frost)
  • Trimming Talk - Bright fuschia (Frost)
  • Most Popular - Purple with yellow undertone (Lustre) (Repromote: Hello Kitty)

The mineralize blushes, I was NOT a fan. They were sparkly! They weren't as buttery as last year's release either. Nice colours, but LE and a price tag of 21 bucks? Forget it.

I didn't swatch the shadows because the SA was eyeing me oddly at that time and I thought I should make a getaway and head off to the other counters to swatch. I can say they weren't as nicely textured as last years though, and nowhere near as pigmented. I think you could use those for a medium pigmented look though.


What are you looking to pick up?


  1. Thanks a ton for these swatches! I've seen several swatches of the MSFs now but not many of the blushes yet.

    I was going to pick up 3 blushes but now that you said they are quite sparkly I might just get one...do they have as much shimmer as the grand duos? I ended up not liking Grand duos that much because of that, despite my initial excitement :)

  2. Hi '*:.blu3.:*'! No problem. I think the sparkles depend on which one you get--Improvise and Cheek & Cheerful are the worst culprits to me. They aren't as sparkly as Grand Duos [ohh, those were in a league of their own!] but more sparkly than the ones that are currently permanent. HTH! Thanks for visiting! :)

  3. hello! thanks for the swatches!

    i have searching high n low for these! hm, alot of ppl complained about the MSF being too frosty and now you say the blush is too sparkly and not as good as previous releases, hm, i can see that my pocket has been saved by quite a few bucks!

  4. Hi plue! Thanks for visiting my blog! :) I think the MSFS in general are too shimmery got me, and the blush is definetly in my opinion not that great. HTH :)

  5. too shimmery makes it less wearable, not to office at least! >_<

    oh well, I had such high hopes for this collection! How does Triple Fusion look like? Am on a debate whether to get TF together with Cheeky Bronze or not...

  6. Hi Plue! I had high hopes too : (. I didn't see Triple Fusion because it was not in the displayer, but I think that is the dupe of Redhead MSF :). If you have Light Flush MSF then you don't need Cheeky Bronze as they looked quite similar!

  7. I have Blonde, but not Redhead. Sigh. I heard the MSF from BBR is much better than the MSF from CC. I don't have Light Flush, I just started with MAC actually. Ahahaha.

    Le sigh, this collection is just so blah from the way ppl are talking bout it :(

  8. Hi Plue! Yes I heard that too, SugarSweet had the best MSFS in awhile though! If you don't have Light Flush then you may want to pick up Cheeky Bronze as it's pretty much a dupe.

    Yep, I agree, I think I'm only going to get porcelain pink MSF.

  9. Porcelain Pink? oooh! that's a repromote right? From a long while back :P

    I have just made my reservations for those MSF n blush, but will make my final decision when I get to swatch them in stores :)

    Gosh, I feel a little lucky that this collection is nothing but just meh. LOL!

  10. Hi Plue! Yep, Porcelain Pink is an MSF from a long time ago, but it's back [that's the whole reason why I want it really lol].

    I think that if this collection is meh, that's OK because I think I will drop alot of $$ on Fall!

  11. Ah! Fall! I read your entry about them! Ahahaha. Been reading your blog quietly for a bit :P

    I am stopping my MAC hauls after MAC CC. I so do not want to get started with their eyeshadows or anything else. Their MSF, blushes and brushes are more than enuff to kill me n my pocket!

  12. Aww, I don't like sparkly blushes either! =/ The MSFs looked pretty nice on someone else's blog though... can't remember whose at this point. I am eyeing Ever Embellish and Made With Love. So cute!

  13. Hi Catherine! Thanks for visiting my blog again! The MSFS are nice but I prefer Blonde Brunette Redhead ans Sugarsweet's because they were much beter quality. Those two lipsticks are super pretty!


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