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Thursday, June 18, 2009



"Due to the fluid nature of makeup collection scuttlebutt, it tends to come in waves. Today, another wave washed in. I've put on my life jacket and attempted to wade my way through the ebb and flow of tidbits to bring you even more sparkling MAC gems....

The 3 part collaboration collection, Makeup Art Cosmetics, is due out on 20 Aug 09. This is where I admit to my guess being wrong. I guessed that the photog was Miles Aldridge, but I was incorrect. The collaborators are: painter Richard Phillips, illustrator Maira Kalman and photog Marilyn Minter.

Click Read More below for the full dish......

+ Richard did the lipsticks, lipglass and 3 eye palettes (1 blue/green, 1 pink/plum and 1 earthy neutrals). The quads are called: Skintone, Private Viewing, and Photo Realism

Front Lit - Light white yellow (LE)
High Strung - Deep pink silver (Permanent)
Hold the Pose - Brown plum with pearl (LE)

Young Thing - Yellow neutral with gold pearl (LE)
On Display - Purple with yellow pearl (LE)

+ Maira did 6 bright eye shadows and 4 new bright Technakohls (including a lime and magenta!!!).

Color Matters - Bright lime
Obviously Orange - Dirty coral
Artistic License - Bright turquoise blue
Full of Fuchsia - Deep blue magenta
Graphblack - Rich graphic black (Permanent)

Crest the Wave - Light, frosty yellow with yellow and white pearl (LE) (Repromote from Naughty Nauticals Stowaway quad)
Haunting - Light turquoise blue (LE) (Repromote from Alexander McQueen)
Violet Trance - Deep blue purple (LE) (Repromote from Balloonacy's Pandamonium quad)

+ Marilyn did 4 pigments (2 new 2 repromotes) and new glitters. Of the 4 glitters, 2 are new reflects glitters. All 4 glitters will be perm in stores, but LE counters. There is also said to be a gloss texture product in Marilyn's part of the collection.

Brash & Bold - Bright Magenta (LE)
Heritage Rouge - Dirty brown plum (Permanent) (Pro)
Cocomotion - Dirty golden bronze with gold pearl (LE) (Repromote)

Reflects Copper (Permanent) (Pro)
Reflects Rust (Permanent) (Pro)

The Perfect Cheek - Dirty pale pink (LE)
Notable - Brick brown red (LE)

Sidenote: Yesterday's blog post said the pigments from this collection would be the bright colours. That was a goof on my part. Sorry, it is the eye shadows that are supposed to be the bright ones.

The Jin Soon fall MAC nail lacquer line is due out on 27 Aug 09.

+ Featuring 6 new shades of LE nail laquer designed by Jin Soon.

Along with the release of Jin Soon's nail line on 27 Aug, we will also see a lash collection called Flirt with Fall.

+ This will feature 6 sets of lashes. 2 will be perm everywhere and 2 will be perm in stores only. The other 2 are LE.

On 10 Sep, there will be a collection called MAC in High Def (this may be a working name and the final name may be different).

+ This revisits a lot of the HD and mineralized products that are already in the line. Now this is just a guess on my part, but perhaps we will see new MSFs come to the permanent Mineralize line?

Sep 17 will bring the yet to be named Fall Trend collection.

+ It will be very modern, very urban.

+ There are tones of taupy greys and blues with pops of coral.

+ 4 lipsticks

+ 3 lipglasses

+ 1 quad

+ A "new" fragrance called Asphalt Flower. It will be in a vial with a roller ball applicator. I say "new" because as any old school MAC addict knows, Asphalt Flower was one of 3 of MACs original scents waaaay back in the day. The other two were Synthetic Nirvana and Hyper Souk. These used to come in small vials with a necklace so you could wear them around your neck. *climbs out of time machine*

There will also be a Pro colour expansion that is all about primary colours. This is slated for 17 Sep.

+ Featuring Chromalines, Chromacakes, Paintsticks and Airbrush shades. New shades will be cyan (yay), magenta (yay), black black and primary yellow.

Sep 24 brings us Style Black. We can expect:

+ 1 true black lipstick (cremesheen)

+ 2 Mattenes: One a matte black, the other a repromoted deep purple. My guess for the repro Mattene is Bing from Cult of Cherry. What do you think?

+ A new lip product called Glimmerglass. It is sheer with shimmer, has adhesive polymers, and can be worn alone or over lipsticks for more coverage. There will be 3 shades of sheer black: One with gold pearl, one with pink/purple pearl and one creamy black.

+ There will be 4 mineralize black eyeshadows, each with different pearl pigments.

+ Greasepaint stick

+ Penultimate liner

+ 3 nail lacquers: Repromote of Nocturnelle and 2 others LEs. One is black with gold particle pearl and the other is black with pink/purple pearl.

+ #214 brush

+ 2 black CCBs: Bat Black (pro) and a new LE CCB.

+ Volvanic Ash Exfoliator and .....wait for it....Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask. The Thermal Mask was supposed to get released last year with the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator in the Future Earth collection, but got pulled at the last minute. We'll see if it makes it this time around??? Sadly, both will be LE.

24 Sep brings Zoom Fast Black Lash.

+ This is a new zoom mascara made from carbon black pigment. It's rumoured to be the blackest of black mascaras.

24 Sep will also launch DazzleCreme.

+ This is the new product I was talking about yesterday. A melding of Dazzleglass and Creamsheen Glass. These are going to be ultra-moisturizing, very cushy on the lips and contain 3 types of pearl pigment.

+ There are 9 LE shades.

Dsquared2 will make it's appearance on 12 Oct 09. We will get:

+ 2 new lipsticks

+ Pro Lip Erase in Dim

+ Fuschia Fix Lip Conditioner

+ 3 Greasepaint sticks. Of the Greasepaint sticks, one is the black one from Style Black, the others are rumoured to be a sheer black with unique undertones. One undertone is a bright blue violet and one is a bright yellow blue. These are said to give a sheen of colour.

+ Feline Kohl Power is back with Dsquared

+ A selection of the Pro Sculpt and Shape Powders

+ 2 shades of gloss texture

+ The #165 brush will also make a reappearance for this collection. Amen! This girl needs a back up of that beauty.

And that brings me to the end. Sorry, that is all I have at the moment. I know some of this changed from my first report yesterday, but that is the nature of early info. Sorry for any confusion. I do try to confirm as much as possible, but remember that the early info is always subject to change. ;) ETA: Just got updated info from a forum member."

I think I just fainted. Thanks to the lovely Specktrettes, for Mac_Whore's info on their blog! What are you looking forward to? This is my list of to look ats:

Aug. 20: Makeup Art Cosmetics: Violet Trance e/s, Crest the Wave

Sept: Mineralize black shadows? Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask,

Sept: Fall Trend collex: BLUE and TAUPES!


  1. When will photos and swatches be released?? Cos I'm too lazy to read. Pictures are more convincing. I hope this collection doesn't disappointment me like the HK one did.

  2. WOW so much to digest lol. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi innerchild! I have no idea, probably closer to end of July? :) I agree, HK was all hype and failure to deliver. These sound much more promising!

    Hi Catherine! I know right? It's so exciting though!

  4. That is too much information for my brain to handle after taking the hardest final exam this year...I'm liking the blues and taupes best I think :)

  5. Hi Kiu! Lol :D I hope when you recover you can soak up all the info! I agree, I can't wait for the taupes!

  6. Ugh, I love their mattene lipsticks, but only the colours that came in in 2007. Why can't they do more wearable shades?

    Ooh a thermal mask sounds good. Not surprised about the exfoliator, though I thought they would've made it permanent. I still have 1/4 of my jar left....time to stop rationing it :P

  7. Hi '*:.blu3.:*'! I agree, the ones that came out in 2007 were both gorgeous and wearable--I always see them at CCOs! Last years were pretty but definetly looked high fashion, not for everyday.

    I'm lemming the thermal mask too, and share your thoughts about the exfoliator--I really like it though I think it might be breaking me out now. :) I still have 3/4 left!!


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